It’s been a long time since I last wrote, however I do have quite a lot of thoughts swimming ’round so I hope I can make up for it. This post is inspired by my recent trip to Paris, (I also visited Toulouse, but that deserves its own lovely post).

It came as no surprise during this trip, that Autumn is truly exquisite in Paris. I’m not quite sure what it is exactly, but the very light in the city of lights in late August and early September is just perfect. The air clears and everything appears much more crisp, evening blurs muted blue with orange-y pink and then deep purple bleeds in, quite like the stain left behind by a smashed blackberry on a linen skirt.

But what I found particularly noteworthy was how marvelous all the vitrines (shop windows) are in Paris this time of year. You see, there are still lots of tiny but beautiful boutiques in Paris, and creating a mesmerizing window display is no easy feat. Think about it, department stores or chain shops get a binder every month telling them exactly how to show the merchandise. But for the rest of them, they must be very creative and find their own inspiration.

And the result? I realized that these tiny shop owners are actually artists in their own right! They’re not just product buyers, they are true stylists. Thoughtful details that have been painstakingly arranged, fabrics chosen to predict the season, an inviting palette of colors that you’ve always loved but never realized. And it’s not just one or two shops with gorgeous vitrines, it’s ALL of them. I haven’t really noticed it in other cities, but Parisian vitrines never fail to take my breath away. Clothing shops, jewelry boutiques, stationary stores and tea rooms, all of them manage to whisk me away. What talented people!

So this post is dedicated to them, bravo! To all the shop owners, who so finely select their assortment, then so skillfully present them to the world. Thank you for your creativity, your expertise, your devotion to your craft, your patience. Thank you for inviting me to step through the looking glass, for weaving a beautiful vivid dream, in such a simple object, your lovely glass vitrine.

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  1. September 25, 2009 / 8:09 pm

    i want to go to paris so badly! but i love your blog! keep writing!

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