I think I might be on to something here. I’ve accumulated some interesting style stories I’d like to share. Perhaps we could even call it evidence!

I was recently suggesting accessories for a girl who had to attend a wedding and had no time to find a jacket/wrap for her dress. I told her I could lend her a bolero and some earrings. And then we joked about how excited I get in fashion crisis situations and I said, “I’m sort of a….wardrobe whisperer!” and we had a good giggle.

Then, this morning someone messaged me on LinkedIn, asking me to take a look at their blog and website, and pass on any ideas I might have to improve the content and usability of their fashion section.

Last week someone at work stopped me to ask me what I think about knee-high boots. She asked me, “Would you get the pair that looks great and you can’t walk in? Or the pair that’s comfy but looks just ok?” I was so grateful that someone wanted my view! Then we proceeded to dissect the occasions each pair could be used in, the height of the heel, cost etc.

Last month I came back from Paris with a bib necklace with over sized jewels sewn in, several people inquired where I got it from. “A no-name boutique in Paris…” I shrugged (I was determined to keep that boutique MY secret!)

The month before that, I went to Paris with a long necklace made of pale peach chiffon florets and that was an even bigger hit. I’m not kidding, I was asked about it by a girl at work, a friend who was having a drink with me, her other friend ask her about it later, our waitress, and then two slightly drunk girls who were passing the restaurant just as we were leaving.

In fact, I also remember about a year ago, I went shopping and it was a close friend’s birthday and I bought her a dress and couple of things. Every color suited her, and every item fit. Perfectly. She flattered me by say, “Jesus Neha, I might as well just hand over my credit card to you now, I like all of this!”

Isn’t the evidence mounting? I’m starting to realize that I have a knack for putting together ensembles for all sorts of occasions, and I guess other people are noticing too. It’s always such a pleasure to help a friend (especially when they are stressed or too busy), bring them some kind of solution and take away their frustration.

But I really don’t like the term “stylist” for me, that word just doesn’t seem to fit. It’s missing the excitement part, the courage with color, feeling fearless with fabric, the trusting of tulle! Because what is enjoyable about it to me is the chance to share my spark of optimism, a ceaseless curiosity about the possibilities and the opportunity to help.

Because it’s not just, as they say, “a look that needs to be pulled together” but so much more. It’s a concept, an idea, a transformation. It’s the feeling that your ensemble conjures up in you that matters. And we all know it’s true, when you feel you are dressed well, you feel confident and in character. Who do you want to be today? This is what we should be asking in the morning, not, “what am I going to wear!?”

Well that my philosophy about it. So I’m asking all of you what you think. Can I call myself the Wardrobe Whisperer after all? (Because I want your opinion to make it official!) And don’t you think that’s much more fun that being called a “stylist”? Comment to let me know!

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