If you know me at all, you’ll know how much I adore taupe. It’s pretty much my favorite color, well currently at least!  My personal pet name for taupe is chocolate milk, or a pale latte. The color is just a perfect combination of blush pink and khaki and gray. It’s so beautiful — it’s a non-color. And there are so many shades of it! Taupe, nude, sand, dove.

For this Fall, I’m definitely utterly and completely in love with this sweater from Stella McCartney’s Fall 2010 collection {far left}. I just scoured Net-a-Porter, where I could have sworn I saw that sweater, but it’s not available to purchase. Only the runway shot image is there. Perhaps I’ll find it at some point this season! At the center is a lovely Fall coat with a cute buttoned sweater inside. And at the far right, a dress I completely adore. A sheer organza piece with a lacy layer underneath. Isn’t it so ethereal? Just stunning.

But yes, I’m definitely going to invest in one cozy, comfy, casual taupe sweater. Bravo taupe!

I have to say, I’m also in love with the shiny neutral pumps the models are wearing in all three looks! Must find those somewhere too 😉


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