Since the holidays are really here, I will stop denying that it’s time to buy gifts! Every single blogger out there puts out some sort of “gift guide” countdown thing, telling what’s the latest or hottest thing this year. {yawn!} But who can tell you what gifts will last a lifetime both in terms of craftsmanship and style? Hint: You’ve come to the right place – keep reading.And so, in the spirit of being just a bit different from everyone else, my little gift countdown to Christmas will be a series of posts all about classic gifts that are truly luxurious because they’ll last forever. These are also things I would {and probably will eventually} buy for myself. Santa, I hope you’re reading this… 🙂 
So anyone who’s been following my blog since the early days knows that I’ve LONG had a thing for rose gold. I first did a post on this back when my blog was still at! Back then it was really hard to find lots of options for rose gold, I always felt it was just sweetly feminine, as though regular gold was embarrassed and blushing. This was back in July 2009…  
(original post:

Since then it would appear that the universe heard me (or at least jewelry designers) and all around me I started seeing more and more rose gold baubles popping up! I first noticed them in a shop window in Paris in September 2009, and then slowly in magazines, first from the Cartier types and now everywhere!

I flipped through an issue of Elle magazine tonight and ripped out 5 different pages with rose gold jewelry on them. Now, I hate to toot my own horn, but did I call it or what? I totally predicted this! 🙂

And so…Could it be? That all these years my hyperactive energy and short attention span have been masking this design/style genius within? Well, let’s just enjoy that as a possibility 🙂

So I just want to say, “I told you so!” and feel ever so slightly victorious in this post. And to celebrate rose gold, here are some of the new styles I’m seeing. By the way, rose gold works for men too! White gold looks like stainless steel and yellow gold is sometimes just too flashy.

So I stand by my choice. Rose gold is the ultimate in romantic jewelry. Each woman is completely different and jewelry must be an absolute fit to her personality, for as a close friend once said to me, “jewelry is so very intimate, it sits just against your skin…” she’s right.

For me, only rose will do.

So my first suggestion for holiday gifts: a timepiece or other jewelry in rose gold.

Main image above is of the Breitling Transocean Men’s Watch, just came out. Gorgeous, non?

Blancpain Men’s 5085F.3630.52 Fifty Fathom Automatic Flyback Chronograph Watch. $21,000, {horrific price tag, I know, but don’t be a grinch!}  

I actually already have that Burberry watch from my original rose gold blog post, but now I’m eyeing a full metal strap one by Michael Kors. About $230 on, but $175-$185 on other sites so shop around for the best deal.

Now this beauty, I can’t find a photo of this watch ANYWHERE on the web, so perhaps it’s too new. This is simply a photo of the page I ripped out of my copy of Elle. Really beautiful ladies watch by Van Cleef and Arpels, dial is mother of pearl and each link is lined in diamonds. I’d LOVE it if Santa brought me this!  


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