I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post. And in the last week, pretty much everything in my life seems to have changed. New York suddenly withdrew it’s loving warmth and stings me with frozen wind. Funny how people sometimes do the same thing. I wish I were an artic fox, I could cope better.

In life things can change so fast. Overnight. Isn’t it always that way? It’s been such a … spectacle. But this isn’t supposed to be about life generally. It’s about MY spectacles, that is to say, my new glasses.

Yes that’s right, I, Neha Sinha had to get reading glasses. My eyes have been tired lately. So I took my pretty pair for a long-overdue eye exam {it’s probably been about 8 years since my last exam}. And the doctor said it’s not that bad, but that these glasses would take off some of the strain from reading and computer screen time. Then came time to select the right look…

And then I noticed it. Everywhere I searched for a cool pair that were just a bit different, all I found was conformity. The same black, plastic, rectangular glasses that every designer and architect wore in 1998, and every Joe on the street wears today.

Sigh. If you know anything at all about me, it’s that I can’t stand to be like everyone else. I don’t need to be glaringly different, but I do feel a strong desire to be just a slight bit unique. Some small detail or nuance that only I would notice. So when I tried on a boxy pair of black frames I thought to myself, “these look good but… I look just like everyone else” and I was repulsed!

I desperately tried on more and more, seeking something … else. What was I looking for? I asked myself.

Living in Brooklyn affords me exclusive access to the ultimate in anti-fashion: the hipsters. The hipsters go for really old school stuff, right now they’re all about the 80’s. Stripped tees and unkempt beards. When it comes to hipster eyewear, I could only find what I call “grandma” style glasses.

Then there’s the actual vintage look, which I like much better. But as I researched what vintage glasses really mean, I discovered that each decade had a different look, utterly fascinating to discover. And I found that the style I really liked is more like what they wore in the 1920’s and 30’s — very old world, tortoise shell, round shaped or round with just a little angle in the upper corners.  Here are some that I absolutely ADORE. Oh, and if you scroll down far enough, you’ll see what I look like in mine 🙂

All frames are available on http://www.eyegoodies.com/

Tried to put these in the order I like them, but’s so hard because they’re all gorgeous. It’s a tie between the first two!

1. Francois Pinton, “Downtown” — I would LOVE these for myself.

2. Anglo American, “406”

3. Han, “Timeless”

4. Han, “Wolfgang”

So here I am in mine! They are dark brown, hard to tell in this shot, but I think they fit my face well. I’ve gotten ALL kinds of reactions to me in my glasses. From “hipster”, “geek” and “professorial” to “cat” and “sexy sectretary”, everyone has their own little interpretation of me in them, so here I am — a perfectly pretty spectacle, don’t you think?

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