Ciao bella, ciao bello! Last weekend I was running around in Soho with an out of town guest; since said guest was a he, he is always hungry and so I took him to Hampton Chutney Co for a dosa, {by the way they have the MOST amazing orangeflower lemonade, you must try} and when we’d finished and stepped out the door, I found myself facing Dusica Duscia, a gorgeous Italian boutique in Soho.

I first discovered this boutique back in March when I was wandering around killing time in Soho before a meeting for work nearby. I couldn’t help but be drawn in — the vitrines were well thought out, simple, not flashy. It reminded me of the countless times I hopped from shop to shop, getting lost in St. Germain in Paris.

First thing that caught my eye, an amazing selection of shoes, very different in style, well constructed, and in very sweet pale shades.

Pictured above, a laceless boot in a cool and welcoming gray, lovely. Notice the delicate contrast in material: suede base with canvas ankle peice inset.

Next, an endless supply of men’s oxford walking shoes; walk through life in glossy white {how very mod squad}….

Walk through life in color. Lots of finishes: suede, leather, patent leather. I love the ones with embossed dot detail.
Then, gloss gloss gloss. Which one do you like best? I think my favorite is the navy {the 4th one}
The sales boy melted into the aesthetic as well, I love his pose. As well as his long hair tied into a topknot.
The handbag hanging infront of him was a real treat. Buttery layers of rich black leather, folded together into a neat triangle. Notice the sheen.
The full vitrine.
More laceless suede boots; these were very comfortable. Soft pinkish mocha color.
The same boot, in pale gray.
Side shot. Check out how even and precise the stitches are. These were made carefully.
Amid all the hustle and bustle, Dusica Duscia is a real gem. Come inside and you’ll feel totally at ease, like you’re no longer in New York. 67 Prince Street.

I struck up a lovely conversation with the press manager and later was lucky enough to meet the boutique owner. She was a really chic woman, and clearly, not the type to be easily impressed. I delicately told her I admired her selection, she gave me a tired and practiced “thank you”. I added a short addition, “your aesthetic is very distinct, not at all American, quite different.” The corners of her mouth tipped up in a very satisfied but controlled smile. Her eyes were shining though — my job was done.

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