Ok, I know everyone just wants to read/talk about New York Fashion Week, and I do too, but! I had to take a moment to do a follow up post about the suede MacAlister boots I wrote about last year as a Fall must-have. Don’t remember? This was the post: http://www.indigopeacock.com/2010/08/fall-must-have-4-suede-macalister-boot.html

Well, I’d BEEN searching for easy to wear suede shoes like that ever since my days in Paris during grad school, where French dads would wear them as a throw back to countryside living. So provincial!

Then finally last year J.Crew brought them out and despite wanting them desperately, I thought I’d just wait a bit to be sure. Well, earlier this summer, I finally took the plunge and bought the wedge ones, in the nut color:

MacAlister wedge boots, J.Crew, $198, buy here.

Price tag too scary for you? Well this Fall this shoe is popping up EVERY where. I saw a similar pair at Aldo, Bakers, Nine West and even TJMaxx! If you’re seriously on a budget, you can even find them right now at Target for about $30.

And I’m seeing them come in lots of variations to suit each of you, pointy toe, almond toe, narrow wedge, rubber wedge, or totally flat, and in loads of warm fall colors.

I recommend a muted neutral shade, why? Because as suede gets roughed up, the neutral colors will still look well loved and merge into the natural suede texture underneath the dyed layer as they fade/scuff. Bright colors will just look old or scratched as they scuff up.

Here are a few different types:

SCHREUR boots in black, Aldo, $80, buy here.



Classic Chukka Boot, L.L. Bean, $89, buy here.

Clark’s Original Desert Boot, $100, buy here.

Kingston, Bakers, $70, buy here.


More importantly, once you have them, what do you wear them with? A friend of mine bought them and actually returned them because she felt she couldn’t really wear them to work. I’m determined to prove that it’s possible! I wore them to work on Friday, didn’t get to snap a pic but here’s how I put it together:

  • Ruffle plaid dress shirt
  • Navy pencil skirt
  • One chunky bracelet
  • One sparkly bracelet
  • Two pyramid studded edgy bracelets
  • One long clock pendant

 I just made a quick set on Polyvore to explain, will take a snap of my actual look later! What do you think? What would you wear these with? Comment to let me know, or send me pics of your looks!

How to Wear Desert Boots to Work



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