Oh. My. God.
SO many dudes have been balking at my blog lately. {sigh.}
Over and over again, any guy that I know, am friends with, am friends with and I wish I weren’t, once dated, wish I never met let alone dated… they ALL have bugged me at some point or other about not having enough posts for men’s clothing.
I’ve promised this for a while now, and it’s finally time to deliver. But come on…
This is totally a foreign topic for me as… I’m not a man!
I do have a brother that I style sometimes. And I’ve had a few guys over the years ask me to shop for/with them too.
Hmm… So maybe you men out there actually trust my taste? The evil gears in my head are starting to turn, {happy face!}
Ok, so let’s get started the best way I know how: What kind of guy would I be if I were a man? And what would I wear that I can’t wear now? My answers..
I’d hope to be some kind of John Hamm/James Dean/Robert Pattinson Hybrid
And I’d wear, at all times, A SUIT.
{what does this say about me? I guess even as a man I’d want big hair.}
What it really comes down to for me is the idea of cool elegance in a man, one who is chivalrous, has polished manners, wears a hat, which he removes when a woman enters the elevator he’s in. Where do we find that anymore? MadMen certainly is bringing it back. But I feel like black and white photographs from the 1960’s are the only other place we can find REAL star power in men anymore.
Some photos to explain what I mean.
My absolute favorite photos in this set. So masculine yet refined. Perfect. John Hamm.

John Hamm.

Robert Pattinson in GQ. Such a great nod to James Dean, no?

Robert Pattinson in GQ. Another great nod.

Well if isn’t James Dean himself, in a shirt and tie no less! Charming.

Iconic. Isn’t this what we all think of when we hear the name ‘James Dean’ ?

I’ve always always always loved a classic well cut suit. Not the floppy, lose leg kind {God help the Americans} but straight leg, no pleats, shoulders cut to lean proportions and super accurate sleeve length.
NOTE: there is NOTHING worse than sleeves that are the wrong length. And yes, everyone DOES notice. Sorry. Now get them fixed and get over it.
I’ve long held a secret wish that men wouldn’t be allowed in public unless they’re wearing a suit. {that’s how it’d be if you lived in the United States of Neha at least, if only!}
In discussing this with my friend, Kam said,
“I agree, i like the old-school values of suits, the gentleman look. In fact, it was the clothes company Burton that made the suit accessible to the working class in the 40’s Britain, so suits became everyday attire. Its interesting nowadays how the casual generic high street look has become normal for everyday wear, quite bland.  Sub cultures have always driven movement’s in the UK – remixing and adaptation. I guess its about making things relevant, borrowing a little from the past but making it contemporary – much like design, filmmaking etc… “
What do you think guys? Are you a genteman after all? Don’t you feel your polished best when you’re in a suit? Or do you need help finding the right one? {I smell another post coming soon.}
So this is also a call to arms you men out there. I’m going to start writing more for you, so send me whatever topics you’re curious about, or even style questions.. because I have no idea what you would like to hear more about! 🙂
Let me know and you’ll see it on here soon!
thanks. xoxo.

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