Hi Indigo Dolls!

Managed to pull off the boots in another outfit today and wanted to share. Similar to last post, but a little more military inspired. Here’s what I’m wearing today:

  • Cotton khaki button up shirt, with gold buttons and shoulder detail, Kohl’s
  • Black straight skirt, the kind that comes as a suit bottom, Ann Taylor
  • Patent leather belt, Taupe, J.Crew

And of course the boots. And by the way, they’re VERY comfortable. You can trust me on this b/c I can’t walk very long in heels generally, and then screwed up my knee earlier this summer (started a running routine when I really shouldn’t have!) and then wound up in physical therapy for 2 months. SO! If I can walk all day, commute to work, run to/from meetings in these, then trust me, YOU can too! It doesn’t get anymore comfy than that folks.

How to make it more feminine:

  • Fire engine red lipstick for that 1940’s feels
  • Lots of chunky bracelets to make it a little modern

To see this look more broken out, scroll further down to see a Polyvore set to explain it. Enjoy and remember, live stylishly!

Sorry this is blurry, and that my hair was still wet when it was taken this morning! hehe

So here my hair was done, am a bit more spurced up! Side view, but I needed to tuck the shirt in a bit more, ignore how it’s poofing out. 🙂
And my makeup for today. Neutral shadow on eyes with mascara, warm cheeks and a bright red lip.

The look, deconstructed:

Military - How to Wear Desert Boots

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