I’m sitting here tonight watching Diane Sawyer on ABC News and it’s that fantastic special on one of my favorite iconic beauties, Jackie O! Or formally, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.
She did a huge set of interviews after the President’s assassination and those 8 hours of tape are only now released. In it, so many interesting details emerge.

 Isn’t she just gorgeous? What a star. His presidency was the first one to be celebrated by Hollywood. And did you know? Jackie actually pronounced her name as ‘Jacque-leen’, not ‘Jaclyn’. 

We all remember her for those signature massive sunglasses, glowing skin, and chic ensembles. So few women have this kind of star power, that demure quality.  I don’t even know if I can think of anyone who has it today, can you? I’ll have to think about it.

Can’t beat the simple black turtleneck.
I think this is my favorite shot, so glamorous – and don’t you love the old school camera paparazzi in the background?
Such a great trench coat… and… is that a GUCCI bag under her arm? Hmm…

Another fabulous outfit…

I really love this picture, so old fashioned with the scarf, very charming.

The bigger the shades, the bigger the glamor!

Tidbits from the special….

Apparently 16 days after giving birth to John Jr by cessarian, Mrs. Eisenhower issuesd a visitation and the poor thing had to walk around all day, and was never asked to sit down. Rude!

She brought in a French chef to impress visitors for state dinners!
 Others thought of her as snob, with a bouffant hair, French clothes and a bad influence!
She had such an mipact on the White House, she went ahead, using all the attention her to hit up the wealthy to ask them to donate antique peices to restore the White House. After other presidencies had sold off pieces.

And she did a TV special on all three networks, showing the American people the inside of the White House.

She was the first ever first lady who was a total movie star, and became such a powerful force. Even with foreign leaders!

I’d love to do another post covering more of her full gowns and outfits, but for now, I’m going to go back to watching this. Hope you’re catching it too! Enjoy!

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