I recently got back from a fun trip to Maui with a good friend of mine and it was so great for my soul! For me, getting away physically allows me to get away mentally and it gives me the space to think about everything on my mind and my goals and hopes. A relaxing trip can leave you feeling rejuvenated, rested and excited to go after your goals!

I’d love to do a trip recap later on, but what’s been really interesting since I’ve been back is getting back into the swing of things. Not at easy as we sometimes hope! All to often, our indulgences over a vacation can carry over back into our “real” lives and wreak havoc with your routine. And it takes an effort to get into that routine in the first place. Here’s my advice on getting back into your rhythm and what works for me!

Sleep, don’t “power through”

We all know the detrimental effects of lack of sleep. It can dramatically reduce your immunity, leaving you susceptible to catching colds or picking up germs more easily, it leave your body and skin dehydrated, and certainly will leave your eyes fatigued. There truly is such a thing as beauty sleep! If you are traveling East, you are losing time and your body’s normal schedule is being pushed ahead. Traveling West is less harsh since you’re gaining time, so it will be easier to adjust to a new schedule.

So my key advice here, allow yourself time after your travel to readjust and catch up on sleep. Especially if you are taking an overnight, or “red eye” flight that will be a disruption to a full night’s sleep. As tempting as it can be to maximize your holiday time and zoom straight to the office, you will end up paying for it later in exhaustion, and stress to your body, just take the time off and rest an extra day.

Water, water everywhere! 

Most of us don’t drink enough water to begin with, and on vacation w can become even more dehydrated if consuming alcohol. It’s important to be mindful of this during your trip, but definitely make a conscious effort to full rehydrated once you’re back. It’ll help your body flush out any toxins and also complete a lot cellular level activities and reenergize you.

Ease back in, adjusting as needed

It can be tempting to get back home, drop your bags, scoot to the office and then immediate want to hit the gym so that you’re back into the groove again. But remember to really listen to your body and go with the flow. If your time away consisted of hikes, bike rides, or other physical activity that you don’t normally do, it’ll be important to listen to your body and maybe incorporate a lot of stretching into your first 2 days back, things like yoga or foam rolling. If your vacation consisted of a lot of beach time and zero exertion, then a brisk walk or bit of cardio will be refreshing and energizing. I don’t suggest jumping into a hard, 60 min workout in either case. I would suggest easing back into it, but doing something active within the first 3 days back. Try not to let a full week go by or else you’ll have a harder time getting back in. Unless you’re not feeling well or fall ill! In that case take time to recover fully.

Restock quickly!

As soon as you get home, try to restock your fridge with fresh, healthy, green groceries sooner than later. The longer you give into take out or ready made food, the harder it’ll be to get back on track! If you live in a major city where grocery delivery is available, you can even order ahead of time and schedule your delivery to get there shortly after you get back so you can refuel healthy!

Embrace some quiet time

If you can, keep your social schedule clear for  few days after your trip. It’s wonderful to journal about your trip, have time to look through or store all your photos, and reflect on your fun experience. Savor the awesome memories you just took the time to make! No need to rush back into being a social butterfly just yet, be present and relish in your trip. When you appreciate the good, you won’t bring any negative feelings into those awesome workouts! 🙂

I hope these tips are helpful to you, although simple, this is what I like to do after a big trip to recharge and get back to my usual routine. Thank you for reading!


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