The Power of Community: Find Your Tribe

Lately I’ve been thinking about what it takes to succeed. Anyone can set goals, find aspirations, or dream big. But recently, I stopped to think about what factors truly contribute to real, palpable success?

Look back at your life, surely there have been ups and down, but really zoom in on the triumphs. I’ve stumbled a lot along my journey, but the one thing that all my moments of progress have had in common is that I had a community, a team, a really solid support system of people to lift me up no matter what.

What does that really mean? It’s not just a group of people that automatically say positive things to you when you need to hear that, although, that’s helpful sometimes! But the real value comes from those who are on a similar path, chasing the same goals, on the journey with you.

Whatever your end goal is, your family and friends’ support will be great, but you must also seek out the like-minded. You really do need to find your tribe of people working toward the same thing. When people sharing a common mission come together, magic happens! You’re sharing a common experience, and because of that the good becomes bigger, and then hardships become lesser because you’re sharing the weight of it, not carrying it alone.

I had always thought that I need to achieve my accomplishments on my own, stand on my own two feet. But now I have finally learned that, not only is that unnecessary, it’s not really possible! I can do much more with the help of others, than I ever could all by myself.

It sounds simple, but I am terrible at asking for, and accepting, help! Something I am finally open to working on 🙂

In short, think about what you really want to achieve, what is your current objective? Mission? Purpose? And then seek out people that are in line with that, be vulnerable and share your story, and allow them to come in and be part of your journey. It makes sense because ultimately we are social creatures and need to be part of a community.

This is really how my fitness journey has been able to progress for nearly 2 years. Before that I’d never stuck with a program very well, or past 6 months at best. But when you surround yourself with people who talk, think and act in accordance with your vision, then you simply get swept in with all that wonderful momentum. Success and progress become inevitable!

I hope this was helpful and you leave feeling encouraged. No matter how tough your goal is treat yourself with love and kindness and build up your support system. You’re so worthy of your own success and happiness!

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