Current Handbag Collection Summer 2016

Current Handbag Collection Summer 2016

Hi friends! I recently wrote about downsizing my fashion clutter, and mentioned that I periodically go through my wardrobe and do a sweep to maintain a normal size collection of clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. Last year when I did a large clear out of clothes, shoes and handbags, I had reduced my handbag collection down to only favorites.

I adore my collection and so I want to share it with you. I have to say, when I took out all my handbags to take photos for this post, I noticed that while I love many of these handbags, quite a few of them actually feel dated now. Just in looking at it all at once, I immediately know I would like to downsize and let some of them go. And so, I’ve already started listing these on resale sites for the ones with some value and lots of of life still left in them. My main goal these days is to have fewer, nicer things that I love and use a lot. 

*Small disclaimer, this is a look at all of the handbags that I have at my apartment. I do actually own a few more higher-end designer bags that are currently residing in my mother’s closet. We’ll tackle that another time 🙂

Something else I’m working on next is putting together an overall handbag guide, coming soon! You can also subscribe to my blog to so you’ll be the first to know when the handbag guide comes out.

My Full Handbag Collection

Let the fun begin. Here are all my handbags on my bed, as I was sorting through them! I must say, I felt a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of them, since this is more than enough for one girl. They brought back good memories, amazing deals, special little finds. Some of them have gotten lots of wear while others didn’t turn out to be as practical as planned.


If you want to start downsizing your collection I highly recommend taking an open space and lay out everything you own. You might be surprised at how much you have. Do a quick scan and make a mental note of the most used ones. The fun part here is, you can pretend you’re shopping your own private collection. Instead of picking out the ones that you want to get rid of first, pick out your favorites first. Then sort the rest into “maybe” and “no” piles. Picking out the ones you want to keep turns this exercise into a much more positive experience.

my current handbag collection

Next, I’ll share the bags by category.

Top Handle Satchels

I have three top handle bags that can be carried by hand or on the forearm. These are very structured bags and I find this style to be so ladylike and chic. This style really adds polish to any look.

top handle satchels

LEFT: Rebecca Minkoff Perry Satchel (mini here and micro here, I have the large) | MIDDLE FRONT: Vintage Celine Boston or Speedy style bag (similar here and here) | RIGHT: Zara Mini City Tote (similar here and here)

zara mini city bag

zara mini city bag

I love Zara for handbags because their styles always look high-end for a fraction of the cost. I’ve bought many bags from Zara over the years and in my experience they hold up pretty well, for a couple of years, if not longer. These are really great value for money.

rebecca minkoff perry satchel tan caramel

rebecca minkoff perry satchel tan caramel

This Rebecca Minkoff Perry satchel is in the large size, and I got this in the summer of 2015. It’s now available in a mini size and micro size. I absolutely love this style because it has a similar shape and look as the Givenchy Antigona, but at a price point that is more accessible to most.

vintage celine speedy style bag

vintage celine speedy style bag

I actually searched Ebay and the secondhand market for this bag for about 3 years before I finally found one! Nowadays they seem to be much more available.


Large Tote Bags

Goyard Saint Louis GM Tote

Goyard Saint Louis GM Tote, PM size hereThis was definitely on my list of top dream bags to eventually own one day and I’m so glad I made the investment. I am planning on using it a bit more since I tend to hide away my nicest ones and think they’re only for special occasions. But I’m changing my mindset about that now.

Michael Kors Jet Setter Logo Tote

Micahel Kors Jet Setter logo tote. I have already sold this one, so it’s not technically in my collection anymore.

Cole Haan Leather Tote

This is a stunning Cole Haan full leather tote. I absolutely love this bag, it’s such a warm, chestnut toned brown. I really don’t see this color in the market anymore! It’s been a very reliable work bag for me since 2008! And so far the only wear and tear it’s showing is on the bottom front corners at the base of the bag, a bit of the leather is worn down there. The handle features a beautifully braided design, it is so luxe! Although I adore this one, I’m ok with letting it go and have it listed on my Poshmark page.

Longchamp Le Pliage Mini Bag

This is the Longchamp mini Le Pliage bag, in navy! Love this little cute one, but it’s time to let it go.

Hobo Bags

hobo bags

I love the black bag here, I got it at Ann Taylor in the winter of 2014. The side zip actually expands or folds down the bag for storage. It fits a lot of stuff and even when it’s packed full it looks really chic. Great for any woman on the go, available on my page here.


Fendi Leather Hobo Bag

And this is a really special bag, it’s a simply, plain bag by Fendi. The outside leather is buttery and durable. The tan color is warm and rich, and the inside is lined fully in suede. I’ve had it since 2007 and it’s amazing! I don’t think I will ever part with this one. I haven’t used it in a while, but I think it’ll be perfect for this fall.

Ellie Tahari Slouchy Bag

This is a fun slouchy style bag by Ellie Tahari, in a really gorgeous taupe, mushroom color. The leather is so nice and soft, very delicate and supple. The bag is surprisingly lightweight too, and I love the braided leather around metal on the handle. It’s available on my page here.

Black Shoulder Bags

black shoulder bags

I clearly seem to have a pattern in my handbag shopping habits. Can you tell I have a thing for black, rectangular handbags, with chain straps? 🙂 I just love the look of this style.

LEFT: Zara Chain City Bag, great dupe for the Chanel Boy bag! | MIDDLE FRONT: Rebecca Minkoff MAC Cross Body | RIGHT: Adele Bag


I love the embossing on this Zara bag below, so elegant.

zara chain city bag

zara chain city bag

I was given the Adele handbag from Baginc for my birthday this year. It’s such a beautiful bag inspired by the Chanel Double Flap in the jumbo size. It’s really durable and fun, great quality and super affordable.

baginc adele flap bag

Smaller Cross Body Bags and Evening Bags

small evening shoulder bags

small studded flap bag

This is a fun little fold over clutch that I found a couple of years ago at Francesca’s! It’s faux leather and so cute with the floral stud detail. I think it was about $30 or less, and it’s still a favorite.

rebecca minkoff avery bag

This is the Rebecca Minkoff Avery bag in a fun mint color!

burberry mildenhall bag

This is a close up of my Burberry leather clutch, this is the medium Mildenhall purse. This is the most luxurious leather I’ve ever seen! The pebble grain has a really large grain, which is smooth and has a rich sheen to it. The gold hardware is a very bright warm gold. Absolutely love this handbag and I will never part with it!

Other Assorted Bags

longchamp patent leather tote

Patent leather tote bag by Longchamp. This is such a chic handbag that I don’t really want to let it go. However I just don’t use it enough to justify keeping it, so I’m trying to find it a good home.


This one above is my only bucket bag and was my first time trying out this style. I found this cute little caramel one at Banana Republic about a year ago and have gotten so much wear out of it! It’s definitely getting worn out now, but it’s been a perfect, roomy, companion every single weekend.

kate spade mock croc chain flap bag

Lastly, this little number is a very old but rarely used Kate Spade handbag in a dark burgundy color. It’s got a mock crocodile pattern on it and a chain strap. I got this around 2008 or 2009 during one of the Lucky Shops events! Which was Lucky magazine’s shopping events they used to do once or twice a year. This handbag unfortunately dates itself because this has the previous Kate Spade logo on it, which the brand has since updated. I absolutely love the deep wine/oxblood color of this handbag. It’s so unique and was very ahead of its time, now that burgundy tones have been dominating fall fashion for several years now.


If you’ve made it this far, THANK YOU so much for reading and joining me on this recap of all my handbags. As you can see, I have lots of well-loved pieces and some that need to make it into my rotation. I am quickly working on downsizing my complete handbag collection through reselling for now, and that makes room for new little loves. I already have my eye on some new pieces, stay tuned for that!

If you’d like to hear updates on how my collection evolves, leave me a comment and share your thoughts. I hope you enjoyed this and thank you for reading!

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