Gucci Soho Disco Bag Reveal & Guide

Hello friends! I’m incredibly excited about today’s post as I have such a special item to reveal. This bag is so coveted and I too fell in love with this sophisticated piece. I’m so thrilled to welcome the Gucci Soho Disco bag into my collection! Let’s jump in, there are just too many fabulous things to share about this perfect little handbag!

Here is a little batch of reveal photos. Mine came with the new Gucci dust bag, which is made of a thick, white, silky fabric and tied with a black ribbon.

gucci soho disco new dust bag

gucci soho disco bag pink powder face reveal

gucci soho disco bag pink powder face


The Gucci Soho Disco bag first launched about five years ago but I only noticed it among bloggers more recently. I first discovered it in some videos by Chase Aime, one of my favorite bloggers at the moment. Gucci is an edgy, daring, and trendy brand, with a great history in luxury goods. The brand is definitely experiencing a revival right now. They are targeting a much younger clientele and quickly gaining popularity. Most notably the Soho collection, and the Marmot collection of handbags are rapidly becoming blogger favorites.

gucci soho disco pink powder face dark cipria


I always liked the Gucci brand and first took notice around 2005 when they were featuring bags with horse bit details. It was so chic and edgy, and modern for its time, and I loved the look on leather. The monogram canvas style never really drew me in, but it’s refreshing to see it come back in style now with the Gucci Dionysus bags, an extremely popular bag at the moment.

This purchase is so exciting because this is the first Gucci item I’ve ever owned. I know I’ll get lots of use out of it too. It’s a great light-weight bag that fits a lot, with a comfortable all-leather strap. I’m a huge fan of cross body bags these days to begin with, and this one is so functional as well as pretty. Let’s go in depth on the Gucci Soho Disco!



Leather: The quality and craftsmanship of Gucci really shine in this bag. The leather is buttery soft, and has a very pretty pebbled grain to it. The grain is not very raised or bumpy, it’s more of a smooth texture. I think with some care this leather will wear beautifully. The below is also a great look at the tassel!

gucci soho disco bag pink dark cipria

Monogram: The front of the bag has a large but beautiful large monogram, featuring their signature interlocking GG. The stitching around the logo is very well done and prominent, and the logo itself is bit raised up. I love how elegant this looks even though it features a large logo. It strikes a nice balance between looking bold and sophisticated. You’ll also note, the stitching thread color is slightly darker than the leather itself, which really outlines the monogram logo and brings it out more.

gucci soho disco pink powder face dark cipria

Tassel: My absolutely favorite thing about this bag is the pretty leather tassel! I recently wrote about leather tassel bags here on my blog and it’s such a chic trend that feels a little retro, but totally timeless to me. I love tassels in full leather because they’re more classic. I think ones in suede or fabric have a fun bohemian feel.

gucci soho disco bag pink powder face dark cipria

Hardware: The bag features minimal hardware. It’s really just on the tassel, zipper pull, zipper, and the buckle on the adjustable strap. The hardware is a light gold color, not very warm yellow or brassy in color. But this softer toned gold makes the bag great for casual wear as well as evening. Here’s a close up of the zipper, and also a good image of the leather grain again.

gucci soho disco bag pink

Pockets, Strap & Sections: There is one main zippered compartment in this bag. The inside is nice and roomy and has 2 small side pockets. The inner lining is made of a beige linen or cotton and seems fairly durable. Although the light color might be easier stained so I wont be putting any pens in there! The back of the bag is plain with no additional pockets. One great feature is that the strap is also adjustable, so for most people it will work as a crossbody bag, but for taller women it can also work as a shoulder bag on a shorter setting.

gucci soho disco pink powder face dark cipria

gucci soho disco bag pink powder face dark cipria

gucci soho disco bag pink powder face dark cipria


My other favorite thing about this particular bag is this stunning shade of pink. From my research this color is the “dark cipria” shade, also sometimes referred to as powder face, or face powder. It’s a mauve-toned blush pink, and depending on the light it can look warmer or cooler toned. This color is fresh new neutral! I’m a huge fan of blush pinks, warm tans, and also taupe, so this bag is truly perfect for me. Because this is not a pastel pink or especially light pink which would be better for spring, this color will work year round. When shopping for higher end bags I gravitate toward ones that are neutral and I can wear all year.

gucci soho disco pink

This photo below shows the true color of the bag. I am obsessed with this shade of pink! This is a fun look at the tassel as well. You can see it’s very soft and has movement.

gucci soho disco pink powder face dark cipria


The bag also comes in a caramel tan shade referred to ask “rose beige” but it’s quickly selling out and very hard to find now. The Gucci Soho Disco is also available in a bright, cool-toned lipstick red color, but I believe that’s in short supply as well. So if you want one and find it, definitely snap it up quickly! It also comes in a simple black that is readily available and I believe is part of their core colors. Over the last five years this bag has been released in a variety of colors and textures. The most exotic version I’ve ever seen is a rainbow python edition!


This type of rectangular bag is referred to as a “camera bag” style. Camera bags have been around for a long time and many brands have created ones like this. Chanel also as similar one with a tassel now with chevron stitching. Channel also has a classic quilted edition of a camera bag with chain strap and turn-lock closure. I hope this bag stays current for a long time to come. Regardless, I will be wearing it for as long as possible!

gucci soho disco pink


The Gucci Soho Disco in this pink color was originally available on, and also Neiman Marcus. Those all appear to be sold out now. Where you can get it now:

Net-a-Porter, in black and navy

Gucci has it in the stunning rose beige (I am also obsessed with this color!)

Gucci also has it in the rose beige

For the blush pink that I got, I managed to hunt it down on a resale site called Tradesy. But as recently as July 28 to Aug 4th it was in stock again on Net-a-Porter’s UK site (not US). This shade as well as all colors also made a flash appearance on this week, but has since sold out. I saw a few shades in stock as of Tuesday but the sale was ending in 24 hours, so I think they were only available for a very short time.



If you’re looking for this bag or this color my advice is to scour the resale sites as well as keep checking back on Gilt, NetaPorter, and Flannels. It might sound crazy, but I had bookmarked those sites and kept checking. I also kept checking resale sites like Tradesy,,, and pretty much daily. In my case, persistence paid off!

gucci soho disco pink

gucci soho disco pink


I have heard from many Gucci fans on that for the quality leather you get from Gucci, the price is very reasonable. Now having my first piece I have to agree, the leather is very high quality and the bag has great stitching and construction. Full retail price on this bag is currently $980 (US dollars) although I believe it used to be $900. You can get it for cheaper on sites like (they had it for $784!), pre-loved resale sites, or on UK sites if the exchange rate is good.

Overall though, I agree that the Gucci Soho Disco bag is great value for money. Especially when you compare it to brands and bags that are much more expensive for coated canvas, or plain canvas, whereas this is an all leather piece.


As you can see, I’m just overjoyed that I was able to track down this coveted bag, and in this even more coveted color! I hope this overall guide to the bag was helpful to you if you’re interested in purchasing this special bag. If you’d like me to do a review of it in a couple of months, or have another questions about it please leave me a comment below. I’m happy to answer you back!

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Thank you so much for reading and I can’t wait to see what you think, leave me a comment below to let me know!

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