Friday Favorites

Hello friends! I hope you’re all doing well. Things have been so busy and hectic on my end for a few months and I think I’m just now getting back into the swing of things. I am pleased to share a fresh new Friday Favorites! It’s been a while but I’m excited to share some things I’ve come across and love lately. Let’s jump right in.

Favorite Activity: Learning New Things

Lately I’m loving the idea of investing in yourself and learning some new things.

investing in yourself, taking fun classes! found some affordable ones that are shorter, not requiring too much of a time commitment. I took two classes on recently and loved how good they were. I took one on photography and the other on fashion illustration. It’s such a nice way to fuel your creativity and keep your mind fresh!

crafting class

Fave Shoes: Ballet Flats

I recently got these adorable ballet-inspired flats by Jessica Simpson, an amazing find on Amazon! I’ve worn them for a couple of weeks now and they are so soft and comfortable, and they run true to size. If you’re looking for some new flats be sure to check these out.

Fave Flowers: The Bouqs

As a current bride planning not one, but two weddings (oh yes!) I am always looking for a good shortcut. I actually do not have a wedding planner at all, no day-of coordinator, nothing. It’s definitely nice to have help though, but like many budget brides out there, it’s fabulous when you find a service or option that can do more for you. is a wonderful online florist who has preset floral packages for weddings! The pricing is great, normally wedding flowers can be in the $1500 range, but these packages are all well below $1000. Especially nice for smaller weddings! Head to for their wedding-specific packages.

Fave Tea/Coffee Mug: Engaged!

I came across this adorable coffee mug at Nordstrom a few weeks ago and decided to treat myself. As a bride, there are countless stresses to think about, but having this little mug helps me stay in a mindset of celebration, with every sip! I think it’s a beautiful must-have for every bride, or as a gift!



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