Tips on Buying a Chanel Brooch + Unboxing!

Hello friends! I’m so thrilled, seriously ecstatic to be sharing this with you today. This marks my very first, EVER, Chanel purchase. *Gasp! Can you believe it? I technically have bought a couple of Chanel lipsticks in the past, but nothing from an actual, proper boutique. As in, things they give you from locked glass cabinets and all!

I’d been eyeing this fantastic crystal strass brooch for months, I first came across it around my birthday last year, in August and haven’t stopped thinking about it since! And finally, here she is. Have a look at my unboxing video here!

My best advice when trying to purchase a Chanel brooch is: to go straight to a Chanel store and get one directly from them. I know there’s so many great pre-loved sites now a days for luxury brands, and while I think that’s a great option for shoes or handbags, I think brooches and costume jewelry are a tricky item to get on a pre-loved site.

From my experience looking for this one, I found it to be more reliable and more affordable to get this piece from Chanel directly. When I looked for this brooch on resale sites, I was seeing it listed for $900 to $1000! Quite ridiculous considering they are $600 at the store, although hard to get a hold of. But in this case, my patience paid off and one came to my local store.

My other main tip here is to let your Sales Associate know that you’re serious about having this brooch. I think if you’re wishy washy and uncertain, they will not push you to join the waitlist. In fact I myself had gone in and asked about the pin several times before feeling ready to join the waitlist. It took me some time to come around to deciding, so definitely take your time as well. Once you’ve decided, let the SA see that you’re very keen on it. After a few weeks of patience, and lot of positive thinking, sure enough my SA texted me and let me know he got a brooch in for me to look at. I was so excited and stopped by right after work.

My final tip when buying something like this is to pick a style that you think is not only classic, but will really age well with you. Ask yourself, will I wear this all the time now? How about when I’m 40? 50? 60? I took a good look at this brooch at the store and knew it would look great on me. But when the SA said this piece would age well with me, I realized this lovely pin would look gorgeous on my mother! That was what sealed the deal for me, I was certain I would love this piece for years to come.

I’ll be sure to share how I style the brooch as I wear it more often, stay tuned!

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