Life Lately April 2017: Welcome Spring!

Hi friends, I am SO excited that it’s April!

I absolutely love the feeling of a fresh new month and a clean slate to start with. It’s been a while since I’ve written a “life lately” style post (check out my last one from summer!) but I love the idea of these posts as a note about where I am at in my world.

If you’ve followed me on Instagram for a while, you know that I just love the start of a month. I always set a lot of lofty goals, huge ambitions and cast away all my misses from the previous month! Do any of you do this? Something I like to do to really make my goals stick, is sit down and journal BEFORE setting goals. It’s a great practice to reflect on the previous month, or just life lately, and think about more core intentions and what I need in this moment.

What do you need more of lately? More rest? Creative outlets? Time with loved ones? And also, what might you need less of? Less worry? Less overthinking? Less inconsistency? I think it’s healthy to run through that thought process so that instead of approaching your life and goals from a place of ambition, you are starting from a place of empathy and self-awareness.

nehabeauty cherry blossoms moss branch

In addition to a new month, I really love that we’re entering the season of Spring. A new season brings environmental cues that naturally move us forward in life. I recently came across the idea of setting goals in line with the natural seasons instead of with a new year. I love the idea of our minds and bodies being in synch with nature rather than the endpoints of a calendar! It’s so simple and I find it really intuitive. How have I not heard of this before?!

So I’m using this beautiful Spring as a reset point in my life. Shedding the old and in with the new!

I am so grateful that the sun has been out more and the days are getting longer too. Sunshine is just good for the soul! A bit of direct sunlight everyday is really good vitamin D and it boosts mood. Seeing flowers pop up everywhere and huge flowering trees down adorable neighborhood streets is so uplifting! This is the best time to treat yourself to some blooms and spruce up your home.

PRO TIP! I actually get a new bunch of flowers every week when I get my groceries!

So what are my plans for the Spring? Well I’ve definitely been really busy all winter long. I got engaged in November (click here to see my engagement story!) and so I’ve been working hard on wedding planning mostly. That’s on top of my normal workout routines, keeping up with family and friends, and work. I definitely hit a few stressful points along the way, but we all have ups and downs. We have to keep looking ahead and I’m looking forward to so much! Here’s what I have planned for Spring…

  • Skagit Valley Tulip Festival
  • Seeing the cherry blossoms at University of Washington (blog post on this coming soon! Here’s a cute photo from that day!)
  • More sunsets
  • More walks around Green Lake
  • Looking forward to my upcoming Bridal Shower!
  • More brunches with fabulous friends!
  • Definitely more blogging
  • Taking photos and practicing with my camera
  • As many flowers as I can have!
  • Starting the 8-week fitness challenge I do every summer! (Tone It Up Bikini Series!)

nehabeauty me with a camera

I’m so exciting to embrace the character of the season. Renewal, brightness, vibrant color, ideas in bloom and my spirit blossoming. How could we not feel optimistic in that, right? Enjoy!

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