I really should have posted all of this WAY sooner, but what can I say, I’ve been exhausted lately! And getting my new apartment in order was my main priority. Which means, by the way, that I’m very into home décor and design these days – hope to share some posts on that soon as well!

Anyway, let’s get right into it, shall we? Lisbon, Lisboa, Lisbonne.

So! First stop on my little tour of Europe was a few hours stopover in Lisbon while en route to Barcelona. While this city wasn’t part of my trip itinerary, I fully intend to come back someday and explore Portugul properly. Here’s my screen during the flight.

I was only there for a few hours changing planes and wanted to head into the city to look around quickly, but by the time I deplaned and got through customs, there just wasn’t enough time left to venture into center city. I would have been racing to board my next flight. Plus I was sleepy!

So, what’s a girl to do? Naturally I had to amuse myself within the airport!

I got myself some coffee, really good strong coffee that is {what Americans would call espresso}, and wandered around the airport. I walked around and soaked in the sunlight. Lisbon’s airport has a huge open atrium where lots of light pours in {pics below}. I was tired from the overnight flight, but still energized to be back in Europe. My last trip was in September 2009, so this was long overdue. For me the best part about a trip like this is simply being immersed in a variety of languages and different kinds of people. My favorite thing is people watching, I find it fascinating to look for small mannerisms and gestures that you’ll only find among locals. For example, do you know how many cheek kisses you’re supposed to give when you meet people in Paris? In Barcelona? Provence? 🙂

 Here’s a picture of a cute little café I passed, called Spoon. I really liked the modern look of it!

 And then of course, I saw a sign for a beauty salon upstairs. I circled the escalator for a while, and eventually caved in and went up to take a look.

To my surprise, the salon was lovely! Elegant and modern, they offered all kinds of services — haircuts, single process color, double process color, wash + dry, deep conditioning, manicures, pedicures, all kinds of cures!

Now, I had been contemplating highlights for this summer. I’ve had them before but they certainly damage my hair in the longer run, and also, no colorist in New York is ever daring enough to try something a bit bolder against my complexion. They all just take one look at me and say, “no no you can’t go too light. It won’t look good”

Oh really? THIS post is for them, haha!

I went for it: I asked for color and a wonderfully kind Portuguese woman seated me and brought out color books with clumps of synthetic strands to choose from.  She explained to me that no dye will really show up on my hair – mind you this was an interesting experience in language acrobatics since I don’t speak Portuguese and her English was OK but somewhat limited.

At last I selected a light honey caramel color, which would be a highlight, meaning, stripping color out of my hair, as opposed to layering dye on top. And then net effect was expected to be a rich dark caramel color. I hoped for the best and crossed my fingers.

Now, most girls would NOT elect to have their hair highlighted on a whim. At an unknown salon. In Lisbon. Two days before one of your best friend’s wedding.

But I’m no ordinary girl! Ever the adventurer, I figured if it turned out badly I could also dye it back right away with a $8 at home box color, no? With abundant optimism {like always} I sat and enjoyed the special treatment as the woman painted my strands. She did a really good job with the “mesh”, which is how the European gals refer to blended highlights.

So here’s me sitting in the chair, very excited!

And ta-da! The final results! Now, some strands got a bit more golden after I’d been in the sun, but I definitely love this look.
Now, just to indulge myself a LITTLE bit here… one of my favorite celebs, Kim Kardashian, recently warmed up her naturally black hair too! Could it be that she’s copying me? OK, I’ll just tell myself that 🙂

This is her having fun, as a princess, at her bridal shower and bachelorette party just this weekend, congrats Kim! Hey doll! 😉

photo from: http://gossipcenter.com/keeping-kardashians/photo/kim-kardashian-373

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