2017 Seattle Style Summit by Gossip & Glamour

This was my first year going to the Seattle Style Summit, put together by the lovely Sydney, of Gossip & Glamour. She did such a fantastic job creating this event and it turned out to be such an inspiring day for me! I went with my friend, Kelsey, and we had such a wonderful time. We met other local bloggers, chatted about ideas, and made friends. I was reminded once again how valuable real-world connections are.

The conference was held at the lovely Thompson in Seattle, such a beautiful location.

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Thompson Hotel

I have attended two other blogger conferences in the past, both in New York. My first one was in 2010, and it was the IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) one since I was newly starting out. (My very first blog was started in 2009!) I don’t think they’ve done these for a few years now. At that conference I saw Fashion Toast, Gala Darling and Bryan Boy up on stage and it was such an interesting experience. Fashion Blogging was SO NEW back then, I’d say the rules were newly forming. And since then, consumer behavior, technology, and access to web has changed so many things. The rules have all be broken and we’re in what I’d call Web 2.0 for blogging.

Even at that first event, I had aspirations to one day attend the Lucky FABB conference, and a couple of years later I did! It was September 2012, and that year I saw Man Repeller on stage, and also the incredible RACHEL ZOE. It was truly one of the most inspiring days of my blogging history. Among the other speakers: designer Anna Sui and Lauren Conrad. It really opened up my eyes to what blogging could be, however even at that time, fashion blogging seemed focused on runway, editorial type of content, and really reporting out on designers. Personal style blogs weren’t so approachable back then in my opinion.

Nowadays though, I’m seeing a proliferation of niches, and more specialized points of view. Fashion isn’t just about what designers put on the runway. It’s about personal style as a method of self expression and sharing your point of view. We now have more menswear bloggers, more plus size bloggers, moms, and bloggers sharing style over 40.

What I love about the digital space is that it’s truly open, and fully democratizes style, and expression.

More about the event, so many beautiful and diverse bloggers coming together. I loved the energy in the room.

bloggers at the SEAStyleSumit

The first panel was all about how to secure partnerships with brands and some best practices on how to approach them. Overall the big pieces of advice I heard were about being authentically yourself. Copying another blogger’s style or approach won’t really stick with you in the long term because ultimately, you’re going to be most happy when you’re being, well, YOU!

Also it’s important to think about the pitch from the brand’s perspective. What value are you able to provide them with your perspective, your styling, your audience? And overall, they’re looking for that right fit, so think about how the brand’s values and stance align with the mission of your blog, or what you personally stand for.

Panel 1

me and kelsey seattle style summit

The second panel was about bloggers who have branched out and created a second concept as a business. Most of them experienced this in an organic way, but it was interesting to hear about the idea of starting a business, as another way to connect and bring value to their readers. Not just a revenue stream! Very cool.
neha kelsey

gift bag

Afterward there was a a fabulous cocktail hour to mingle and we met so many lovely local bloggers! I had no idea there were so many style bloggers in Seattle, so it was a great opportunity to meet others with the same passions. I am so looking forward to keeping in touch with the fellow bloggers I met and of course, with the beautiful Sydney who put together the event. I can’t wait to attend again next year and see #SEAStyleSummit grow.

Here are some fun photos from The Nest where the cocktail hour was held, with a gorgeous rooftop deck! Loved this location, and hope to come back soon!

neha rooftop

nehabeauty rooftop looking down

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