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Hi lovelies, can you tell I’m excited it’s Friday? Ha! I’m so pumped for the weekend, and hoping for some bright weather.

I’m only a little over 5 weeks away from my Indian wedding now so I am starting to get busy again with final preparations! I can’t believe it’s almost here, I’m sort of nervous, but actually getting more excited. I’m also relieved that I’m NOT nervous, or at least not as much as I thought I’d be. My job is getting a little more busy too, so as you can imagine, anything that helps me stay organized these days is a huge plus.

I’m also getting back into healthier eating and a small workout first thing in the morning. This really helps me with my mood and stress and keeps me feeling upbeat and positive all day. So, that gives you a sense of what might be on my mind these days. And therefore, here’s what I’ve been loving lately!

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I’ve been writing a lot more and falling in love with blogging all over again these days. I first started a blog back in 2009 (oh yes!) and I’ve learned so much since then! But one of my top tips that I give to new bloggers is, don’t worry about spending money on a custom site or look, there are so many amazing theme designers out there selling their templates in the $25-$75 range! If you’re newly starting out you should check out SoloPine, which is where I got my current theme from. Their themes come with many options you can turn on and off, so you can customize your look, without paying for a custom site.

My Nike Tanjuns

Good lord, I am tired this week! I have been running around a lot lately and I have to be comfy when I’m busy! My Nikes are my go-to shoe when I just need to get it together, do a lot, but still look cute. I have just about worn these out! I could use a new pair, but still love these!


I’m a little late to this trend, but I came across one of these at PaperSource a few weeks ago. It sticks to the back of your phone and can pop out to serve as a stand for your phone to watch videos, or you can tuck it between your fingers so that you’re less likely to drop it. At first I was totally skeptical, and it didn’t love how it felt in my hand, so it took some getting used to. But now I absolutely love it because it’s more comfortable than have the whole weight of my phone basically on my pinky! I definitely like having it on there as a handle, and indeed, have dropped it far less than I used to. Check these out!

My Chanel Pin!

Now this one doesn’t help me stay organized or anything like, but it DOES instantly boost my mood 🙂 How could I not include my beloved Chanel pin?! I’ve been talking about it all over my blog lately, but what can I say, it’s just a classic piece that dazzles me every time. Love! Full deets on my experience shopping for it and my unboxing video here! And here’s a similar one to check out as well.

nehabeauty chanel brooch

I actually would like to share some fun recipes soon too, to help you transition to brighter springtime eats. More on that soon! (You wont want to miss my Fiance’s Thai peanut dressing/marinade recipe!) Have a beautiful weekend friends, and see you on the ‘Gram!

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