nehabeauty spring wish list

Hello friends! It was a lovely weekend here in Seattle, and with more trees and flowers blooming all around, I’m starting to feel that shopping bug again. Do any of you like to clear out your wardrobe at the start of a new season? Particularly after a long winter I love clearing out some space and refreshing my closet with a couple of new things.

Ever since my downsizing my fashion clutter post last summer, I have been much more intentional with my purchases and seeking to live with fewer, but nicer things, that get a lot of use and love. I now tend to shop with a more realistic sense of what I’ll find comfortable, and practical for my real life, my job environment, climate and personal style. All these things can change, but it’s great to know one’s own style and have a truthful view of that. I say that because I used to shop much more aspirationally, buying things for the girl I hoped the clothes would turn me into, rather than who I am today. Quite the unexpected lesson in self-acceptance isn’t it? 🙂  Love who you are now, love where you are now!

As a result, I’ve been shopping much less often over the last couple of years, so although I have a great selection of things I love, every 6-12 months I need a boost of something that feels more current. Here are the things I’m in the mood for lately! Lots of pastels and ruffles basically 🙂


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