My Bridal Shower Look

At the end of April I had the joy of celebrating with family and friends for my bridal shower! I didn’t end up having a girls trip or any sort of bachelorette (long story!) so I was so excited and really looking forward to this party. I’m excited to show you what I wore and photos from the event.

Here’s the funny thing, despite growing up in the U.S., I didn’t realized the bride is meant to wear white to her bridal shower, oops!

NehaBeauty bridal shower pink lace dress

I’ve only been to one bridal shower before, and did notice the bride wore a cute white dress, but totally forgot about that when it was my turn! So I actually wore light pink lace dress, thinking any light colored outfit was fine. Which it turns, it totally is. I think rules are meant to be broken and you should wear whatever your heart desires as a bride.

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I felt so special and loved on this wonderful day! My fiance’s mother, aunts, and a friend of mine all worked together to bring together such a beautiful party for me. I’ve never really been the guest of honor, so this was a very humbling day! There was lots of yummy food and wonderful conversation.

And who could resist these homemade, hand-decorated cupcakes! The family went to so much for trouble, and I feel so lucky to be joining a tribe of such loving women. You really couldn’t ask for anything more.

I wore flats to the party in order to get out the door quickly and while I fully intended to change into these heels… I never did! I absolutely love these sandals, they really work for so many occasions and the lower mini heel makes them great for work too.

kenneth cole nude patent midi heels

We started with lots of chatting and catching up, and then a wonderful lunch of salads and croissant sandwiches, yum! We followed up with lots of fun wedding-themed games!

miss to mrs bridal shower banner

fun wedding shower games

wedding advice game

This was a really adorable detail that I loved: wooden spoons with wonderful wedding advice, as a recipe for marriage! Isn’t that so sweet?

recipe for marriage wooden spoons with advice

And here are some more photos of the beautiful cupcakes that were hand-decorated! I really can’t express how grateful I am for all that everyone did just to make this a special day for me. I love quality time with people in a homey setting, so these kinds of personal, hand-made touches mean so much more to me than perfectly created store-bought things. I think these kinds of moments and details really make the best memories!

hand decorated cupcake

gorgeous little cupcakes

After the fun bridal shower games and some laughs with cupcakes, I got to open gifts! It really felt like being a little kid at a birthday party all over again hehe. I really wasn’t expecting gifts and all, I just wanted to spend quality time with people so this was beyond anything I could have imagined!

neha with balloons

neha opening gifts

Most of all though, I am so glad I got to spend time with everyone. A friend of mine told me she’s really happy that I’m marrying into such a loving and wonderful family, I think she’s positively right! Moments like these you can’t help feel totally blissful. 🙂

bridal shower group photo

A huge thank you to everyone who joined in on the celebrations and made me feel so special! I am so excited about the journey ahead, and can’t wait to share more with you all!

neha with miss to mrs banner

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