Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 | Guide + Tips

It’s that time of year friends! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is tomorrow! I have been looking forward to this sale for a little while now, and my wardrobe is in definite need of a total refresh! (I’ve managed to downsize so much that… I feel like I’m pretty much starting over completely with my wardrobe and look! Do we need a series of posts on this? I think so!)

After shopping this sale a few years in a row, all my experience and research has added up to good tips and strategy for YOU! So let’s jump right into it. Here are full details, a shopping strategy, and what to shop for.

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What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

The Nordstrom anniversary sale, or #NSale as you’ll see it on social media, is Nordstrom’s biggest sale of the year. What’s unique and incredible about it is that, instead of marking down last season’s spring and summer collections, this is actually a preview of NEW fall merchandise, yep, these are new arrivals that are launching with a sale price for a limited time. As a merchandiser and retail industry professional myself, I have to say it’s a really smart sale and utterly unique. Having such a good reputation for being a great sale, it draws in quite the cult following, and for good reason!

Who Can Shop & When

There’s an early access week that is exclusive to Nordstrom card holders, so if you have a store card you will be able to start shopping a week before the general public:

  • July 13 – Jul 20: Early Access, online and in-store
  • July 21 – Aug 6: Open to All, online and in-store
  • July 12 BONUS: This a is lesser known fact, BUT! If you are a level 4 cardholder (as in, you buy a ton of stuff year round, hehe) you can actually shop the sale a full day early, in-store only! A few bloggers out there are planning on sharing what they find on their social media accounts, so you might want to check out these folks to get some scoop! You’re welcome! 🙂

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Top Tip! Shop Early Online

The early access folks get first pick on all items before the sale opens to the general public. If you have a card I would strongly recommend shopping the sale early! You don’t want to miss out on the best clothes, shoes and whatever else you might want. In years past there have been items that completely sold out in minutes, so take advantage if you can shop early!

My top tip for this sale is to shop ONLINE. I personally love shopping online because I can quickly compare items, search for things, and it’s so easy to grab your size and not have to rummage through racks. The earliest you can start shopping online will be midnight on the 13th! (Unless of course, you’re a level 4 cardholder!) It might sound crazy, but if you have your eye on something special, or you’re in a size that tends to sell out quickly, it’s definitely worth it to scout out what you want and add to card.

PRO TIP: The inventory online is much larger, so less chances of things running out

Don’t want to wait for online orders to ship? You don’t have to! You can order online and then pick up in-store, or even do curbside pick-up, and not even leave your car.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


How to Prep Before the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

  • Check out the catalog. This is a great preview of the fall items to come and get a feel for the collection. I love to earmark the pages on my catalog to keep a quick note of things I am interested in.
  • Follow your favorite bloggers. Many style bloggers will be sharing their finds on social media either on the 12th if they’re level 4 cardholders, or the 13th during early access. This gives you a great sneak peek at what will be in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and plan your list. I will definitely be sharing what I’m up to over on my Instagram, so follow me there and check out my Instagram stories for the latest!
  • Which brings me to my next tip, plan out what you want! Go through your closet and think about what items you’ve really been needing. This isn’t just the stuff that you’ve been coveting, but think about when you’re getting ready for work in the morning, what are some items you always wish you had? More blouses, a few new pant options, lightweight earrings for the office, etc. Write those down so you have a focused list of what you’re looking for.
  • Get multiple sizes. If you’re not sure how something will fit, the huge benefit of shopping online is that you can just grab a couple of sizes and return the one you do not need. Nordstrom offers free returns so there’s really no need to grab more than one size option if you’re not sure. During a sale this highly anticipated, so much will sell out fast, so I would recommend you get more than one size.

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What To Buy

So now that you’re ready for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and probably as excited as I am, so what do I recommend you look for.

Coats: this is a great time to find a new fall or winter coat if you need an update. Instead of last year’s styles you can find a great deal on something new. They will also have great leather and suede jackets, so keep an eye out!

Boots & Shoes: I love the Nordstrom Anniversary sale for the deals on boots and shoes in general. They have really great pricing so I always try to find comfortable booties I can wear all winter, as well as sneakers to replace anything old.

Fall Clothes: As you know, this sale is all new fall merchandise so this is when I update my wardrobe with sweaters, long sleeve basic tees, cardigans, blouses and buttoned tops. This year I’m looking king for longer sweater I nice I can we at with leggings! This is also the time to snap up some cashmere too!

Makeup & Skincare: You might have seen on my Instagram stories last week, I flipped through the catalog and shared what I might get and I mentioned makeup and skincare. This sale is amazing for makeup sets and some gift with purchase offers! Every year I like to stock up on skincare for my entire year!

And  your have it, my overall tips, tricks and guide for the 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary SALE! I love be sharing all my adventures over on Insta Stories so stay tuned for more!

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