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Happy Diwali to everyone! I am feeling very humbled and grateful this Diwali. They say that the first Diwali after you get married is the most special one, and one that you will always remember. I was not prepared for it though, as I only realized on Monday that the holiday is on Thursday!

happy diwali candle

Thankfully, a very kind lady at work told me she was planning on taking the day off as she always does, to clean, cook, decorate and fully celebrate with her family. I helped her team create a big surprise for her on Tuesday. Her team bough her lots of sweets and battery operated flameless candles for her desk at work! It was really so sweet and brought tears to her eyes, because like so many Indian folks here, you really miss your extended family in India around Diwali and holiday time in general.

She convinced me, and my manager, to take Wednesday off and just let myself get into it! Celebrate, tidy the house to welcome Goddess Laxmi, and dress up. She even went so far as to invite me and my husband over for their family dinner, it was extremely kind of her. I felt like she totally took us in, when I’m so alone on the west coast!

I spent the day cleaning our home, reading about rituals, putting up string lights around our home, and then we got dressed up and went to their home for dinner. There we performed a Laxmi and Lord Ganesh puja (worship) and then had a beautiful dinner! Here are some photos from the evening.

I hope everyone out there feels the blessings of Diwali, the peacefulness of the season, and light in their hearts.

Here is the little temple I made at home, and photos of us all dressed up before we left for dinner!

puja at home

Here are the string lights I put up! We don’t have all that much furniture or anything, but still!


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