What I Got for Diwali – Velvet Handbag!

Oh my goodness you guys! I am just writing this in the moment tonight, but I just have to share this right away. As you already know from my recent blog post, this year was my very first Diwali as a married woman. It’s such a different experience because all my Diwalis before have memories with my parents and brother, and in those memories I see myself as a kid and totally not an adult. Now I’m the lady of my house and felt such a responsibility to carry the torch of these special traditions and share them with my hubby!

I was totally unprepared for Diwali this year, I totally thought it was coming up in early November! So, for our first married Diwali I was just so grateful to be able to take a day off from work, dress up in a sari, and give my honest prayers and thanks for all my blessings. I sent my husband articles and lots of information about this festive season, the folklore, and all the traditions that come with it. My coworker shared that this is the time to get and give lots of wonderful gifts. Which I sort of knew, but I never expected.

In my family growing up, we never really focused on the gift giving aspect of holidays. Gifts are wonderful of course, and if my brother or I wanted something specific, then sure we’d get a present. But spending time together, cooking as a family, watching fun movies, just sitting together under one roof, that’s our favorite part of holidays.

So you can imagine my surprise when my husband decided to get me a present for Diwali! I seriously melted, because I didn’t really expect it. It would be really special and meaningful, but we also had two weddings and bought a house this year, I am certainly not feeling deprived this year!

So here is what happened. I came home and there was a package there for us, and my husband told me to open it. Neither of us was sure what it might because, having just moved into a new home, we have been ordering lots of little things so it could be anything. But as I dug in, I realized, oh my gosh, I think this is a bag??!! I dug through the layered of wrapping and under the dust bag and tissue paper, was this gem!

A lovely, berry-maroon velvet handbag! Isn’t to die for?

Maroon Velvet Boy Bag Dupe2

Find the bag over here

I’m seriously obsessed with it! It’s a well made bag and clearly inspired by the Chanel Boy Boy style. It seems there are so many more options out there nowadays for bags and accessories inspired by high end designs. I’ve always admired Chanel bags, to me they’re just the ultimate statement piece and investment. The size is really nice and roomy, and the velvet is so nice! It’s not a super long nap, but very luxurious. The bag is very well structured too, cute and boxy, and it will not easily lose its shape. The color is probably my favorite thing about it, so rich and I have always loved jewel tones. And you really can’t beat the price either, $46!

I can imagine so many outfits for this bag. It’ll be perfect for the holidays, and can you imagine this with a sari or other Indian outfits?! So perfect for bold south Asian clothes and the festive season. I also think it’s great for special date nights and things like Valentine’s!

The velvet trend is still going strong, and I think an affordable bag or shoes is a great way to wear the trend without breaking the bank. Here are some other cute options to check out, at various price points. All of these are linked for you as well!

rebecca minkoff velvet love bag hot pink

rebecca minkoff velvet love bag

YSL loulou bag


khols velvet bag

gucci marmont velet fuschia


  1. Rebecca Minkoff Love Chevron Quilted Velvet Crossbody Bag
  2. Rebecca Minkoff Small Love Velvet Crossbody Bag – Pink
  3. SAINT LAURENT Loulou velvet shoulder bag
  4. Apt. 9® Gaby Quilted Velvet Flap Shoulder Bag
  5. Gucci Marmont velvet shoulder bag

Let me know what you think of the bag down in the comments! Would you want to see different outfits? I’m also thinking of doing a fun roundup of other bags similar to the Chanel Boy Bag, so you can get the look, let me know if you guys would like to see that!


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