TIU21 x NehaBeauty – Week 1

Hi friends! Today is day 1 of the TIU21 fall challenge for 2017! The fall challenge is always my FAVE and so sentimental because the 2014 Frisk Fall was my very FIRST Tone It Up challenge and marks the start of my fitness journey. I can’t believe how much has changed and how far I’ve come! Even though there is more ahead, it’s still good to be glad for where YOU are right now, in this moment. I have so much I want to share today, plus a fun little printable for you!

TIU21 Suggested Free Workouts

After so much excitement from the TIU tour, I was thrilled when they announced there would be a Fall Challenge. Now that the weekly schedule is out, I know I’ve seen some girls mention that the weekly workout plan is a bit light, and it also mostly points to the new app. I had much the same reaction and decided to pick out my own favorite workouts from YouTube and just make this challenge my own. (Own it! as Lisa Vanderpump says!)

own it own it meme

To make it easy for you guys (and for me!) I created a fun little weekly schedule printable of my free suggested workouts! You can grab it at the bottom of this post.

TIU21 Printable DIY Journal

TIU21 Fall journal booklet

For the bikini series this year I printed a subset of the plan in booklet form, so that I’d have my own mini journal for the meals. I created the same thing again and just printed pages 1-7, 26-27, 31-38, 42-49, 53-59, and 64, as a PDF! Instead of of selecting your printer from the drop down, select print as PDF. If you don’t be have that option you can search and install a program called cute PDF writer. Next step, open up the PDF, go to print, and select “as booklet”. Once your packet prints, out just fold the whole stack in half, staple it at the binding and it should be in order as a mini TIU21 journal!

tiu21 printed booklet journal inside page

I love using these to check off my meals, track workouts, and note down thoughts on progress and learnings.

tiu21 booklet journal checkmark

Tailoring the TIU Plan for Longer Weight-Loss Journeys

My fitness journey is a longer one, I had a significant amount of weight to lose as compared to other TIU girls when I started. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that this journey is not a linear, straight line! It’s uneven, highs and lows, with bends in the road.

I scrolled all the back on my Instagram to when I started on this health journey to reflect. I had hit my “rock bottom” and it was such a turning point! It was one of those times in life when you know you’re at a fork in the road and inevitably, you chose the positive route, because why perish when you can flourish, right?! Looking back, now I see that when you hit bottom an amazing thing happens, a kind of awakening. You realize, wait a minute, I am worth it. I AM good enough to work hard for.

The Tone It Up program is great as is for some baseline strengthening and initial weight loss. However, I still have more weight to lose on my journey, so I’ve always found success with the program when I add in extra cardio or HIIT. That’s why I’ve always loved the 100-mile challenges that used to be part of the seasonal challenges! That would add the perfect extra bit of cardio that I needed to get into weight-loss mode. I also think adding in an extra HIIT session to your week is an excellent way to break through a plateau if your results have stalled.

So to give it a little extra, I’m doing my own 100-mile challenge to push myself! @Ekta_fitandfab is joining me and we’re going to go for #100byChristmas, using this cute tracker I found on Pinterest. The same old TIU rules apply, you can count any cardio miles like walking, running, cardio machines. I believe for biking you can count every 3 biked miles as 1 mile for the challenge. But feel free to make up your own rules too and make it work for you! This is why you’ll see an “extra” column in my weekly schedule printable, for any of you are also on a longer weight-loss journey, like me.

100byChristmas tracker

Incorporating Self Care

I’m a big believer in self-care and it’s something that I want to passionately promote here on my blog. Taking good care of yourself, treating yourself well, and building that inner self-love is so good for the soul!

Fall is a great time to restart that beauty routine, pamper yourself a little, and take time out for yourself. So, you’ll see I made a column for self-care in my weekly routine printable. They might seem like small things, but even tiny acts of love go a long way. These are things I want, and need, to work on too, so I’m doing it all with you!


So, there you have it, now you know what motivated each section of my weekly schedule. To recap: it includes a free workout option for #TIU21, an extra workout suggestion for weight loss and the 100byChristmas mile challenge I’m doing. And lastly, a bit of self-care in each day!

I hope you love this suggested plan for week 1, let me know in the comments here, tag me on Instagram or use the hashtag #TIU21xNehaBeauty and I can keep creating these for you. Enjoy!





  1. Laura
    October 9, 2017 / 8:00 pm

    Omg I love this Neha!!!! Thank you for making it. Printing it now and going to make #tiu21 my own so I know I can achieve my goals

    • neha
      October 10, 2017 / 2:45 pm

      Aww, yay!! I’m so glad you find this helpful, and yes girl, make it your own! 🙂 It’s your journey, and I think with any program, we have to tailor a little for ourselves, and no program can really be all things to all people. You got this!!

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