TIU21 Fall journal booklet

Hi friends! Last week kicked off a fresh new Tone It Up challenge and I’m so excited to see everyone start strong! While you can certainly motivate yourself, doing a workout challenge with a bigger community really gives you so much more momentum.

Last week I shared my tips and my suggested weekly workout schedule, and I’m here with another cute printable for week 2! You can still read last week’s post to see how you can use your TIU21 plan to make a DIY journal and tailoring the plan for your unique goals and needs.

In that post I shared what motivated each section of my weekly schedule. But for a quick reminder, it includes a free workout option for #TIU21, an extra workout suggestion for weight loss or just if you need a bit more, and a bit of self-care in each day!

Something unique I did with week 2 is, I tried to add in extra workouts to match the number of minutes for the app workouts. Meaning, if the app workout is about 30 mins, I tried to pick a longer routine, or suggest 2 that add up roughly the same workout time.

I hope you enjoy my ideas for week 2, or tag me on Instagram or use the hashtag #TIU21xNehaBeauty and I can keep creating these for you. Enjoy!



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