5 Indian Thanksgiving Recipes

Aloo Matar Recipe

Hi friends, I’m excited to share some Thanksgiving recipes! As we all settle into this wonderful holiday season, I wanted to share my own unique take on recipes for Thanksgiving. Some of you might be hosting a formal dinner, or attending a casual friends-giving, or even having a simpler meal at home. There is always the age-old question of what to bring!

And for those of you from a different culture, like me, you might be looking for fun ways to bring some international food flair to the table! I didn’t grow up celebrating Thanksgiving my whole life, but my family started to when my little bring was around 9 years old and he really wanted to have a big, cozy family dinner, in our formal dining room! There’s nothing like the excitement of a child to really bring out your hosting and holiday spirit!

So this year, alongside all the traditional recipes, I thought I’d share some Indian recipes that would work well for Thanksgiving! Let’s jump in!

5 Indian Recipes to Bring to Thanksgiving

NehaBeauty 5 Indian Recipes Thanksgiving

Bhel Puri

Bhel puri is a delicious street-food style snack that has so many amazing flavors and textures combined! Salty, sour, tangy, crunchy, all mixed today. It’s a fabulous starter and the flavors of chutney really get your palette going. It’s really quick to put together. I recommend putting the dry and wet ingredients together separately, and then combine right before serving. Full recipe from the fabulous Tarla Dalal!

bhel puri recipe

Matar Paneer

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a good paneer dish! You’ve probably tried a creamy reddish orange dish, which would be Paneer Tikka. But have you ever tried it with peas? It’s a great to take a traditional Thanksgiving vegetable side dish and give it a new twist. It’s really easy to make, check out the recipe by Veg Recipes of India. 

matar paneer recipe

Slow Cooker Channa Masala

Channa masala, or spiced chick peas, is something I have grown up eating and really love. It’s a comfort food that I strongly associate with my childhood. It’s a great dish to bring to Thanksgiving because it’s so hearty. It’s a great starchy vegetable that can be a yummy and filling alternative to rice or breads. I love making this dish anytime in fall and winter. Here is the recipe by the lovely Manali. I recently came across her food blog and LOVE her creations!


Aloo Matar (Potato and Peas)

I know everyone loves a good mashed potato dish, myself included. But a creative way to reinvent the traditional menu item is to serve Aloo Matar, or potatoes with peas. This is another childhood favorite of mine, something many Indian kids grew up eating. Whip this up if you’re looking for a potato dish that is a bit different. This recipe is also by Manali!

Aloo Matar Recipe

Tandoori Turkey!

And finally, I couldn’t help but include a really fun one, a recipe for Tandoori Turkey! At my parents house, we aren’t so familiar with American dishes and recipes. So my mom has always simply added her own spice blends when marinating the turkey. She just does what she’s familiar with! And so, I have been fortunate enough to grow up with a unique turkey every year. Sometimes more spicy, sometimes milder with orange and citrus notes. My mother loves to try new things and come up with her own special and unique take on Thanksgiving.

I love this because, it makes each year really fun and special. And over time you can really discover your favorite flavors and cooking methods. I encourage you to test and experiment! It really turns cooking into a wonderful creative outlet. This recipe is by Epicurious. 

tandoori turkey recipe

And those are just a few ideas for how to spice up your Thanksgiving menu with some Indian-inspired dishes. What are some of your favorite dishes of the season? I can’t wait to hear, let me know down below!


  1. November 24, 2017 / 8:46 am

    These dishes all look so good! Are these staples at an Indian heritage Thanksgiving? They all seem much more flavorful than typical American dishes. I’m bookmarking those Channa Masala Chickpeas!

    • neha
      November 27, 2017 / 2:30 pm

      Hi Melanie! These are definitely foods that I grew up having all the time, especially in the winter months, so hearty and filling! These are certainly staple dishes in most Indian families’ home, and I thought they’d make a fun pairing with American dishes too! So glad you liked these! Happy to do more recipe roundups!

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