NehaBeauty Holiday Series 2017 is Here!

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Hi beauties! I’m sitting at my dining room table right now, and there’s a gentle snowfall outside in my courtyard, absolutely beautiful! I had a wonderful time yesterday catching up with my long-time TIU sister and friend, @FitGirlBeckyB! We talked about all things under the sun and reminisced about when we first started doing TIU challenges together in 2014 and the program from 2014-2015. Personally I really loved the routines from those years, and also the 100 mile challenges. I’m also a huge fan of the Beach Babe DVDs, I don’t have all of them, I own Beach Babe 2 and Beach Babe 3 in DVD format, and I have Beach Babe 4 as digital downloads, but I tend to not use the digital ones. My all time favorites are BB2 and BB3! I also have plenty of other favorite people I follow, like Yoga with Adrienne and some ballet DVDs too.

I’ve been trying to think of how I can go back to using more of the older workouts that I loved, and in a sense, go back to the beginning of my health journey, and kick start it with that same heart-filled motivation I once had.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I’m all about promoting lots of self-care and nurturing your own unique beauty! I strongly believe that inner and outer beauty are connected, and that looking great on the outside is tied to your inner health, and overall happiness and mindset!

I am also so obsessed with the holiday season. I adore this time of year for so many reasons, the leaves change, snowfall starts, time with family and friends, moments of connection, slowing down to be present, feel gratitude, give gifts, spread joy and cheer! I’m all about the good times and good vibes.

So to that end, I thought of creating my own 8-week challenge for this festive season, to restart my fitness routines, to incorporate more self care and quiet time, and connection with others! There are JUST 8 weeks left in 2017 and we need to celebrate this special time. I did a quick poll on my Instagram stories and wow, I’m so overwhelmed and thankful for your responses. It was so cool to see how many of you want a challenge, so here it is!

NehaBeauty Holiday Series!

What is it?

There are just 8 weeks left in 2017 friends! This year has flown by for me, it’s been so full of blessings, but also rather hectic and now that so much settled down, I’m ready to focus on myself and my goals again. No matter what goals you set in January and where you are now, it’s totally OK, and it’s time to look forward and not back. Let’s finish this year strong, be present and enjoy the holiday season! #NBHolidaySeries is here! Sign up for my emails so that you get notified each week when my post is up. You’ll also get lots of other fun news from me and my blog.

Sign up for the weekly emails right here:

Are there guidelines or goals?

Definitely! The goals of this series are:

  • Consistent exercise – weekly workout schedule, and if you need something extra, a 100-mile challenge! The workouts will get progressively harder every 2 weeks. I’m at a total reset point, so I’m trying to make week 1 very attainable and realistic for me! (I work full time, commute 2-3 hours a day, and have so much going on outside of that too!)
  • Eating well, meaning high nutrition – I’m not here to “approve” your food choices! If it’s real food, and minimally process, then I think that’s good! The goal is to get in touch with your body’s needs. So eat when you’re genuinely hungry (tummy feels empty) and stop when you’re full (satiated, not stuffed). If you have a specific diet, or guidelines that work for you, then stick with that.
  • Hydration and vitamins – Be sure to get in half your body weight in ounces of water every day, and more if you’re working out. I will also be taking a multivitamin daily.
  • Beauty/Wellness/Lifestyle – I’ll be including moments of gratitude, self-care, self-love and fun! I’ll be doing fun tutorials on holiday makeup, gift guide, and whatever other ideas you all have.

What does this series include?

WEEKLY WORKOUTS: For this series I will put together weekly workout schedules using free workouts from the ToneItUp YouTube account, Beach Babe DVD 2 and Beach Babe DVD 3. If you want to include workouts from other fitness guru, I’m all ears, so send me your ideas! I will stick to free routines so anyone can do them, for example, a yoga flow from the Yoga with Adrienne YouTube channel. These will be delivered to you via email, and here on the blog. Subscribe right here for the emails!

The week will look roughly like this, so you can substitude in classes, other DVDs you own, or make up your own workouts.

  • Monday – HIIT,  legs/booty, or lower body
  • Tuesday – Total Body, or low intensity cardio
  • Wednesday – Arms and Abs routines
  • Thursday – Yoga!
  • Friday – HIIT or Total Body
  • Saturday – Active Rest
  • Sunday – Active Rest or miles, Set the Bar routine

#100byCHRISTMAS MILE CHALLENGE (optional!): For those of you who need extra cardio, or are on a longer weight-loss journey, I’m also doing an optional #100byChristmas mile challenge! There are 49 days before Christmas so if you do a little over 2 miles per day, we can totally hit 100 miles! I’m using this cute tracker I found on Pinterest!

100byChristmas tracker

BEAUTY: I believe that having a beauty routine is so essential to cultivating a connection with yourself. It’s not about putting pressure on yourself to be beautiful, but rather, it’s about looking within to see the beauty that is already there! Each and every single one of us is special, unique, magical, full of love and light. That is something I want us to honor. Let’s start seeing our beauty routine as acts of self-care and self-love.

WELLNESS: I want to emphasize that this should be a fun time of year. So I want to include things that help us slow down, be present, stay connected (in real life!) and find some stillness. I’ll include yoga once a week on my schedule, and also lifestyle tasks, for example, text a family member you haven’t connected with in a while. Or, write down 3 things you adore about yourself.

RECIPES? I’m open to ideas on this one so let me know if I should include some recipes? Over time I would love to share some of my favorite recipes, especially for Indian food! Let me know if you’d like this down in the comments!

CALENDAR? Would you guys want a printable calendar of the month? With either workouts, lifestyle stuff, or both? Let me know down here in the comments!

When does it start?

Monday, November 6th! The final day of the series is December 31st, New Year’s Eve!

Where do I get the details each week? How do I stay connected?

EMAIL: I’ll be sending out a weekly Sunday email to let you know when the weekly workout schedule is up. Sign up for the emails below! General emails will also include other fun content, like holiday gift guides and beauty tutorials.

THE BLOG: The schedules will be posted here on the blog along with other NehaBeauty content!

SOCIAL MEDIA: Stay connected with me on Instagam over @NehaBeauty and the include the hashtag #NBHolidaySeries on your posts so I can cheer you on!

WEEK 1: Below is the week 1 schedule!

week 1 nbholidayseries

Download the printable schedule HERE



Set the Bar from Beach Babe DVD 2! If you see this post on Sunday, do this routine on Sunday so you can see your starting performance. Where ever you are is a perfect starting point, this is your baseline.

Monday: Hump Day HIIT! Taking it back old school with this fun living room workouts, one of my favorites! Optional: 2-3 miles for #100byChristmas


Tuesday: Total Body Mermaid, such a great toning one! Optional: 2-3 miles for #100byChristmas


Wednesday: Two more of my old school favorites, Bikini Abs and Bikini Arms from the 2015 Bikini Series. Optional: 2-3 miles for #100byChristmas



Thursday: Yoga time! A quick flow from this year. Optional: 2-3 miles for #100byChristmas



Friday: Bikini Body Routine from 2014. Optional: 2-3 miles for #100byChristmas


Saturday: Stretch and Release routine from 2012! Taking it way back! Optional: 2-3 miles for #100byChristmas


Sunday: Set the Bar from Beach Babe DDV 2. If you don’t have this, you can measure out some basic fitness measurements, such as: how many sit-ups can you do in 1 minute? how many push-ups can you do in 1 minute? How many lunges with proper form can you do in 1 minute? Pick 4-5 exercises that you feel are good measures of your fitness ability, and then repeat them each week to see your progress! Optional: include 2-3 miles for #100byChristmas

Remember, next week I’ll send you an email once this schedule is up for week 2, so be sure to sign up here for this series and the latest happenings on my blog!


  1. Laura
    November 5, 2017 / 7:19 pm

    Thank you for pulling this together! Also, I can’t beleive that there are only 8 weeks left in the year! I just finished the first week of a fitness blender program that I’ve been enjoying but I love your self-care challenges and miles challenge so I am going to add that in. I’m excited! Thanks babe 🙂

  2. Laura
    November 5, 2017 / 7:25 pm

    And I just PRINTED the mileage chart like the old days lol

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