100 Things to Do in 2018

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This post is inspired by the lovely @LilyBeaches83 who did this post at the start of last year! I absolutely love the idea of writing out concrete things you’d like to do in the new year. Not just goals or things you have to achieve, but just things to enjoy and just plain DO. I don’t know if I will do all of these things, but this are my aspirations, and experieces I would like to have this year. What are some of yours?

  1. Do everything from a place of LOVE and COMPASSION
  2. Stay centered more
  3. Visit my brother in LA a few times!
  4. Roast marshmallows and make s’mores
  5. Spend more time with my mother
  6. Eat cleaner
  7. Drink more water
  8. Watch colorful sunsets
  9. Have sand in my toes
  10. Create a daily meditation ritual
  11. Always remove makeup at bedtime!
  12. Stop comparing myself to others
  13. Read books
  14. Call my family more
  15. Think positive thoughts about myself
  16. Uplift my husband everyday
  17. Go our for dates with hubby (not just at home)
  18. Daily prayer and gratitude
  19. ASK the universe for my dreams
  20. Love Your Body Series (ToneItUp!)
  21. 80 Day Obsessed Challenge (BeachBody)
  22. 2018 Bikini Series (ToneItUp!)
  23. Invest in friendships
  24. Give LOVE for the things you want
  25. Practice affirmations
  26. Remember my WORTH
  27. Disconnect from time to time
  28. Simplify my belongings/use up what I have
  29. Go on a HONEYMOON!
  30. Take care of my home
  31. Trust the process, love the journey
  32. Release old thoughts
  33. Be open to change
  34. Meditate by the ocean
  35. See outdoor movies
  36. Live aligned with the seasons in nature
  37. Study a subject
  38. Visualize my dreams
  39. Be present
  40. Take more photos, and print them!
  41. Create a wedding album
  42. Complete 500 miles
  43. Make a career move!
  44. Commit to my writing
  45. Give to and grow my community
  46. Do yoga weekly
  47. Spoil myself sometimes
  48. Believe in myself!
  49. Remember my roots
  50. Connect with new people
  51. Ride the ferry
  52. Visit some new places
  53. Go to the desert
  54. Listen more
  55. Keep some things private
  56. Watch old movies
  57. Sleep more
  58. Visit Chicago
  59. Give kindness wherever possible
  60. Take shortcuts
  61. Visit the Library
  62. Go to a meetup
  63. Celebrate other women
  64. Mentor someone
  65. Find a mentor
  66. Love myself
  67. Help others love themselves
  68. Make new friends
  69. Believe in miracles
  70. Have a picnic
  71. Nurture my marriage
  72. Look for beauty in the everyday
  73. Plan a big trip
  74. Make more videos!
  75. Plan my week
  76. Have a strong work ethic
  77. Stay consistent
  78. Find my flow state
  79. Read about the Law of Attraction more
  80. Set boundaries
  81. Take classes
  82. Try new recipes
  83. Drink less caffeine
  84. Curl my hair more
  85. Let go of external validation
  86. Go where LOVE lives
  87. Breath deeper
  88. Be brave
  89. Find my voice
  90. Host a party
  91. Set new and different goals next year
  92. Make a vision board for 2018
  93. Celebrate milestones and wins
  94. Grow my hair back long!
  95. Be more like my mother
  96. Decorate the bedroom
  97. Create my dream workout space
  98. Find my signature style
  99. Re-watch all the Audrey Hepburn movies!
  100. Create 10-15 REALLY BIG goals that when I accomplish them, I know miracles are real (borrowing this one from Lily!)

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