5 Invitation Tips for Wedding (or any event!)

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Hi Beauties! As you know, last year I got married and I have so many tips I want to share with you. I know some of you are engaged or starting families so this is going to be a fun for you! Today I wanted to share some tips about picking a wedding invitation! This is also can apply to other announcements or card that you’d like to send out (birthday invitations, birth announcements, sweet 16s, save the dates, and even business cards!)

I’m also pleased to share that this post is sponsored by Basic Invite, who has kindly partnered with me on this post. Stay until the end of the post for a special offer from them, thank you Basic Invite team! So with that let’s jump in!


5 Tips for Choosing Your Invitation

1 – Decide on Invitation Budget

If you’re like me then you probably don’t care about the budget! For my wedding, it was important to me to have a very special and unique invitation card. I have always, ALWAYS kept the invitations from all my friends’ and family members’ weddings. My mother has done this ever since I was little, and she loved showing them to me as a little girl, so I always knew that I wanted my own invitation to be a special keepsake too. Once you start researching stationery providers you might be surprised at how much various features might add to your total cost, especially if you’re planning a larger event for your birthday, engagement, or wedding. I would advise that you set a budget that you’re comfortable with, and that corresponds to your guest list size. For me, the invites were among my top 3 things I wanted to focus on.

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2 – Think about Invitation Format

This is where the fun bells and whistles come in! I love all the extras, folding pockets, extra pages for directions, and an RSVP card with a matching self-addressed and stamped envelope – I had it all! For your special moment, think about what extra touches you would want.

If your event is on the larger size and you want some special details, but don’t want to break the bank, one thing you could is order a more elaborate invitation for just family members, and a more straightforward version for the rest of your guests. Don’t forget to save one for yourself!

Basic Invite has so many pretty options to choose from. They have invitations with pockets that you can customize, and then also add smaller cards to perfectly fit inside. These are great for RSVPs, or additional information like driving directions, or gift registry.

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3 – Play with Colors

Ok, this is where you can spend a lot of time, which I love! I had such a hard, yet fun, time trying to narrow down my colors. If you know the theme colors for your event then this will be easy. But don’t feel pressured for everything in your event suite to perfectly match! There’s nothing wrong with having your invitations come in a complementary set of colors, and different from your event. It’s all about what you would like!

Basic Invite lets you preview your design with over 180 color options, so you really can make it unique and something you love. A few other brands I checked out have great designs, but they only come in about 3 to 5 color options.

And the same goes for the envelopes too, you can pick from over 40 shades so that once you decide on the look of your cards, you can pick a complementary envelope and make a pretty set. The unique thing about these envelopes is that you don’t need to wet them to seal them, they are peel and stick, so much easier to close and send out!

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4 – Order Samples! And Order Extra

My biggest tip for you when planning out your invitations is to order lots of samples! Shopping online is easy and convenient, but there is nothing like seeing the design in person to feel 100% sure about your choice.

Basic Invite allows for ordering samples of multiple designs when you’re exploring styles. And later when you’ve finalized it, you can also order a sample of the complete suite and see how it looks all together.

Once you are happy with the final design I would recommend that when you place your order, you order some extra cards. This comes in handy for last minute guests that your family might want to include, or that you missed. Or sometimes a small batch might get ruined and you need some backups. For example, you have 5 in your purse to mail out and your water bottle leaks on them, etc. Rather than scrambling to order 5 more it’s far less stressful to have about 10-12 extra on hand!

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5 – Organize Addresses

One of the hardest parts during my wedding was getting all the correct addresses from people! I had to enlist the help of my parents and my future mother-in-law, as well as my future sister-in-law! I wish I’d thought of a better solution but at that time, I was simply putting into an excel sheet and asking people for the addresses over email or on the phone.

A friend of mine who is engaged recently sent out a mass email version of a Save the Date and she asked people to fill out their address, and explained that this address is where the invites will be sent. Genius!

Basic Invite has a great solution for this, you can share out a link on your social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that asks your friends to fill out their address. The addresses then get saved in your customer account and you can easily select them during your ordering process. One fun extra, they also offer free address printing on all their Christmas cards! I will definitely check those out at the end of the year.


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And there you have it! Again, these tips can also apply to other times you would send cards, and not just to wedding invitations. In this day and age so much of our commutation is digital, but I absolutely love getting cards in the mail from friends who are newly engaged, or expecting a baby! My favorite is also getting adorable holiday cards at Christmas time, that are personalized with photos and a little recap of special moments throughout the year. It’s just a nice keepsake to have for yourself, and for your loved ones. It really warms my heart to see my friends and love ones grow and evolve in their lives. That deserves a moment to pause and reflect, and a beautiful card does just that – it gives you a chance to pause and think about whatever it is that this piece of mail is celebration.

And let’s be honest, life is a celebration! I hope you enjoyed these tips and comment down below if you have something special you’d like to celebrate this year!

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