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Hi lovelies! Today I’m sharing some awesome books to get you motivated and inspired this year! I’m feeling so hopeful for 2018 already. I’m still with my family in NJ right now as I write this, and there’s a huge snow storm blowing outside! I’m curled up sitting next to our fireplace under a cozy blanket, a winter wonderland dream!

If you saw Wednesday’s post you saw in my goals that I would like to read more books in 2018. (Check out this other post for tips on how to set your goals!) Over the last couple years I think I spent too much time on social media, and while that can be fun and inspiring, I would like to find a balance and fuel my love of reading that I had as a kid! I’m a rather slow reader, so I’m giving myself a modest goal of reading 6 books this year! I also tend to re-read books that I like a lot! With each read I find something new speaks to me that I missed the last time!

If you’re looking for some wonderful reads this year as you set your goals or dream bigger dreams for yourself, here are some ideas! I will be working my way through these this year!


You Are a Badass – I keep hearing about this over and over, so I think the universe is telling me to hop on and read this one! Many bloggers and YouTubers have mentioned this book as an awesome boost for confidence and courage.


Big Magic – This book has been on my list for a long time, I have it on my Kindle but just never managed to start it.


Girl Boss – I’ve heard so many good things about this one, but never read it. I know it was super popular when it first came out, have any of you read this one?


Playing Big – This is one I will be reading for a mentoring program at work this year! This is a wonderful book if you want to speak up and show up more at work and in your career.


Pretty Happy – this is a book I bought when it first came out and loved, I’d love to re-read it again.


A New Earth – I read this book several years ago but the concepts were tough for me to grasp. Now that I’ve read more about these kinds of spiritual topics I think I’m ready to revisit this one.


The Power – I have listened to this book on Audible and I love returning to it now and again.

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