Reviewing 2018 Goals

Reviewing 2018 Goals

Well, somehow it’s getting to the middle of the year and I just can’t help but feel a little lost. The year is going by so fast and I’m shocked that the first six months have escaped me. At the start of 2018 I was very focused and determined when I set my intentions.

But as life goes sometimes, I lost a bit of momentum and rather than focusing on my own dreams, I wound up trying to participate in what people around me were doing. I know I was taking in too much information, meaning, consuming too many inputs! Bloggers, friends, brands, launches, movements, there is no shortage of activities (usually tied to a hashtag) that I felt pushed toward. That’s kind of the trouble with January I feel, just too many messages out there. And so, I haven’t really made the kind of progress that I think is perfectly reasonable to expect in 6 months

I took a look back at my goals for 2018 this morning and wow! I had such a tightly mapped plan, but I don’t even recognize the voice from that post when I first re-read it. Oh how times change! But as I read it a few times over, I can hear the old me in there, she’s asking me to wake up!

The thing about time is, it’s going to pass you by whether you chase your dreams or you don’t. Whether you have faith, or lose it. Whether you believe in the unseen, or don’t care to. No matter what you chose, the sun will continue to rise each morning, and the days will simple continue. With or without you!

So as we march on, ever nearing the end of June and the start of 2018’s second half I’m deciding to turn a corner. I was recently introduced to the books and content of Gabby Bernstein. She’s an amazing author, and spiritual life coach who has appeared on Oprah’s Lifeclass. If you know me, you know that anything related to Oprah is going to be awesome in my opinion!

I’ve been checking out some of her talks from conferences (things that are posted on YouTube) and it’s giving me such a renewed sense of… optimism and curiosity! She’s reminding me to believe in the magic of the universe, and how powerful it can when we let our spirits fall back into alignment with it. (I feel that alignment is totally natural and comes when we get out of the way!)

So I’m choosing a different perspective this June. Rather than scolding myself about my goals, and then subsequently feeling guilty (and obligated to feel guilty) I’m just looking forward with a big smile. If you aren’t where you thought you’d be this June, then give yourself permission to just let it go, and start fresh.

Absolutely anything is possible, with your commitment, faith, and trust in yourself, but also in the all the positive forces that are conspiring to see your succeed. I hope this leaves you with a feeling of excitement and wonder!

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