What I Learned from a Social Media Detox

What I Learned from a Social Media Detox

Welcome to June friends! This year is really flying by and I’m amazed. June for me kicks off the feeling of summer — school closings, dreamy trips, and lazy beach days with watermelon are what summer are all about.

Life has been really crazy for me, heavy, draining, and honestly I’m hitting total burn out on so many levels. Last week after reaching a tipping point at work I decided to just take a complete break from Instagram and all the fitness-related communication I normally engage in. Over the last few weeks (and maybe months) I began to feel increasingly more anxious, scattered, like there was no time in the day, like I was barely making progress on any single task. My attention was split among at least 3-5 tasks/conversations/videos, articles, or actions at a time. That’s not an exaggeration either, I got to a point where all I was doing was trying to keep up with the latest notification calling my attention… all those small red circles alerting me.

I just needed a period of quiet and calm. A period of time where I can unplug and not feel pulled in so many directions. I only took a week off, but it honestly felt like a full month. Here are the biggest things I learned during the social media detox:


1 – I don’t need to validate my actions, vacations, appearance or workouts by anyone else. The only person’s approval I seek is my own.

2 – I love reading books. Physical, paper books from the library. Books that countless others have read.

3 – I don’t add any value to my life by way of being obsessed with the lives of others.

4 – There is SO MUCH time in the day. To call my parents, to nap, to go on walks. The day is now FULL of minutes all for me.

5 – I will put myself first more and promote that thinking on my blog and platforms.


#5 is a big one! I really found so much clarity around what kinds of messages I want to push and help other people wake up to. I find that too often we fall into the comparison trap and it can be so harmful to your emotional well being, all the while so easily avoided! This break gave me the permission I needed to start putting myself first. And really it woke me up to the fact that I hadn’t been doing that to start with. Getting the awareness is what needs to happen first, then you can start making changes.

Stop and think about what really truly serves you, and brings you to your highest good.

Put yourself first. Create and hold SPACE for you. Nurture your spirit. Ignite your inner beauty, and see yourself fully.

And sometimes that might mean taking a break in order to reconnect with yourself, your TRUE self, not the reflected image you might be presenting online, or consuming from others. I’d love to know what topics you want to hear more about as I start this refreshed, and renewed journey!

And until then I strongly, STRONGLY encourage you to take a bit of a break yourself and hit pause on all the things potentially distracting you in your day. I simply stayed out of the app, but deleting the app from your phone can be helpful, or fully logging out as well. Both option provide enough of a hurdle that can help you curb your time spent online. If you do a detox, let me know how it goes and what realizations you come to!

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