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Hi loves! It’s officially summer in Seattle and I am excited to embrace the sunshine here in Seattle and soak up as much fun as possible. A few of you wanted me to share some ideas for activities. I’m sharing some ideas that are specific to Seattle, but you can look for similar ideas near you. Let’s jump in, here’s how I hope to make this the best summer ever!

Outdoor Summer Movies

If you know me and my husband, you know that one of our favorite things to do each summer is try to see as many outdoor summer movies as possible! This is something he introduced me to a few years ago, and I’ve been obsessed! The most comprehensive list of movies that I  have found for Seattle is right here, check it out and maybe I’ll see you there! I find these to be such a perfect, simple, and low-cost option for date night. There’s nothing more romantic than snuggling under the stars with popcorn and a blanket!

Full List of Seattle Outdoor Movies 2018

Long Walks/Picnics

Now is a great time to get out and explore more of your neighborhood or city. Visit a new park, lake, hiking trail, or lookout point! Sometimes picking a weekend to just get out an explore can be the perfect stay-cation. There are so many pockets in Seattle that I need to go and check out, I should probably make a list!

Weekends at the Beach

This is totally obvious, if you live near a beach then a little sand in your toes is a must! I’ll definitely be visiting Ocean Shores here in Washington, which has a long stretch of completely undisturbed beach that is not developed at all. It’s next to a Native American reservation so much of the landscape is fully protected, which I love! Rugged nature is so good for the soul.

Road Trips

We try to visit friends in Portland a few times a year, but I haven’t been back there in a while. A summer road trip to Portland is the perfect short drive (2-3 hours) to get away, try new food, shop, and explore a new city!

Summer Sales

If you’ve read my blog for a little while, you know I’m a die-hard fan of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! Check out my top tips from last year here, as well as a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 details here. Something new I’m adding this year will be specific shopping guides by category, such as kids, home, beauty, women’s, and athletic wear. Comment below if you want a specific guide!

This year I also want to put together a guide for you all about Amazon Prime Day, which is coming up July 16th!

And late summer is a great time to shop sales and find great discounts on summer clothes, shoes and home. I’ve been ramping down my year-round shopping and do more larger wardrobe refreshes only 1-2 times per year, but I’ll share more about good sales as I find them. I’m also on the lookout for furniture and adding more to our home. (Decorating seems to take forever!)

Street Fairs, Festivals and Farmer’s Markets

This is something I do less of, but this year I’d like to explore more food festivals and local fairs. I used to visit Farmer’s markets a lot more when I lived on the East Coast, but haven’t done much of that here. I would love to support local businesses and also indulge in seasonal fruits and veggies!

And of course… MY BIRTHDAY

How could I forget, my birthday is in mid-August! I am not sure what I’ll be doing yet, but I’m thinking about a special Spa day, shopping day (duh!) and maybe a fancy dinner out. It’ll be another time to pause and reflect, one of my favorite things to do.


And that’s what I’m hoping to enjoy a bit of this summer! What are you all going to be up to? I’d love to hear!

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