First Ever #WCW! Getting to know Karen Rosalie

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Hi beauties! I’m starting a new series on my blog here, Women Crush Wednesdays! This is a fun blog post series where I interview other amazing women who inspire me, and I think you should check out. These are other bloggers, entrepreneurs, content creators and otherwise amazing women who contribute so much positivity, support, and a sense of community to our larger “online village”.

So to kick things off, our very first #WCW is none other than Karen Rosalie! She is an incredible photographer who has put in years of hard work and dedication to develop her craft. I have been a huge fan of her work creating photography for beauty products and wasn’t surprised to learn that some of my favorite bloggers have worked with her. In my opinion she’s able to flex between playful imagery and high-end editorial looks, and her feed provides endless inspiration. She’s also very open and often shares lots of tips on lighting, shooting, and editing both on her website and Instagram.

She took an amazing leap forward in her career and opened her own agency in LA! In this well-lit studio, she and her team create work on some beautiful projects for a variety of brands. She’s proof that with the right mindset you can achieve so much. But what I really love is that she’s humble and often reminds her readers that it took years to get to this point. In this day and age of instant gratification, I really admire those who remind us that it’s about the long haul. I think there is so much more satisfaction when you achieve something that you put a lot of energy, attention and time into.


Let’s jump into the interview!


Neha: What inspired you to create your own business and put yourself out there? Any advice for those who want to start something of their but are lacking some courage?

Karen: “When I quit my last full-time job two years ago to become a freelancer, my producer friend told me I needed to create an LLC and form my own company. I was so new at freelancing, I just followed his advice. But it turned out to be the best thing I’ve ever done because having a company really pushed me to think bigger and pursue bigger clients. It’s just funny to think about because I’ve never thought of myself as a risk taker but the “me” even three years ago never would’ve imagined that I would now have my own content creation company and photography studio. The best advice I have is to just forget about the fears and to do it. There’s always going to be a reason not to do something, but you’ll never know if you don’t try. I would never want to live a life crippled in fear.”


Neha: How would you describe your creative style? You seem to love the mix of light and shadows and have a certain look. But for those who are new, would you say it’s edgy? Romantic? Modern?

Karen: “I think my creative style has evolved over the years and I used to be very edgy and all about the shadows, but I definitely feel over the past year it’s toned down quite a bit. I work with a lot of clients who don’t want the shadows and just want simple shots that are very commercial and that’s definitely influenced my style. Nowadays, I would say I’m more drawn to a soft romantic style but still with a bit of an edge.”


Neha: My blog ( is all about connecting inner and outer beauty together, I believe it begins within — with good health, but also self-love, positive self-talk and happy thinking. And makeup and fashion serve to enhance, but it’s there to help you appreciate your original beauty, and not to look like someone else. What is something you love to do as a self-care practice? I would love to know how you find time/ways to treat yourself? Or create balance?

Karen: “I used to be all about work and my career. My skin was always so dry and I never took care of myself even to eat properly. I used to joke that I was a photo editing machine, but that can only last for so long. Now that I have an office, it’s easier for me to separate myself from my work because I can just leave my computer there and go home. I love cooking dinner every night. I think when people talk about self-care usually it’s masking or some sort of beauty product, but for me lately it’s been having a delicious and nutritious meal every night. That’s a staple. And then if I have time I’ll mask while reading or Netflix to relax and decompress.”


Neha: As the blogger/content creator space grows, especially in the beauty sector, what are you hoping to see more of? And do you have a key message you’d like to share with this community?

Karen: “I want to see more authenticity. I create content every single day, not just for myself but for other people as well and I think content can easily become too premeditated and strategic. I want to see less perfect posts and more personality. I think perfect feeds are boring.”


I could not be more thankful for Karen’s participation in this feature for my small blog. I really loved her point about self-care being more than a face mask or bubble bath, and that it can really take any form that suits you. I think as long as you are carving out time for yourself, to rest, relax and be present, that counts as self-care.

And that part about not living in fear, phew, goosebumps! I always say that I don’t want to look back and have any regrets. I always hope to dream bigger dreams for myself, and then have the courage to go for them. Staying inspired is what gets you started. And good old discipline and focus gets you to the finish line even when motivation has long faded.

I hope you all enjoyed this amazing change to hear directly from Karen, and that it’s left you as uplifted and inspired as I feel now. Thank you for reading!

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