A New Season of Life

neha black sweater fall

Hi friends, and welcome to Fall. I’m sure you know, this is my favorite season. There’s something so nostalgic about back to school, the air turning crisp and romantic evenings being cozy. And of course, all the warm gold colors as leaves turn and the light changes around this time of year.

I always feel a quiet sense of anticipation around now. September feels like the start of something new and by October we are well into sweater and boots weather!

Shifting Mindset – Finally!

Lately I had been in such a funk to be quite honest. Things have been stressful at work recently, I haven’t had a consistent exercise routine and I found a carpool for my commute but that means much earlier hours! And so, I’m also rather sleep deprived these days, still adjusting.

But today I’m feeling a new energy in me. I’m simultaneously excited and calm, and most importantly, I feel inspired!  After having such a fun dinner with two of my closest friends here in Seattle last night, I feel a renewed sense of hope, curiosity, and calm. It’s such a blessing to have friends over many years, to be able to them (and yourself) grow, evolve and change.

Our conversation ranged from career progression, stress, sleep, spiritual quests, lucid dreaming, husbands, laundry, Ayurveda, and babies! Can you feel how much fun I had?

I didn’t realize how much I needed that quality time with these two friends until we sat down together and went on this wild, conversational journey. I am so grateful for their time, energy and positive support of so many fears and worried I had been quietly carrying just under the surface.

I can now see that in trying to “optimize” and “maximize” my time, I had pretty much operationalized the fun right out of my life! Fun and time for play and imagination have such an important role in our lives, and there’s a reason we schedule in recess, breaks and naps for little ones. Why don’t we do more of that for ourselves?

I could cry a few tears now because my heart feels a lot lighter than it has in several weeks. If fear is the blocker in our lives, then laughter is opener.


This morning I didn’t rush to my carpool. I managed to save myself 5 minutes to eat my oatmeal, and when I looked out the window I saw the beginnings of today’s rose gold sunrise. The colors are just stunning! Today Seattle is blanketed under a thick fog and I find it equally spooky and romantic somehow.

I’m feeling like creating a vision board, or a bucket list, or designing my dream life! Who are am I kidding, I want to do all three! I am thinking more about what I’d like to create in the world, even if small, but what kind of impact do I want to have on those around me? What do I want to leave behind? And not just in the huge legacy sense, but daily. I have been doing some soul searching about what I want to do with this blog and have started seeing it as something bigger, as a platform.

Today I encourage you to take a step back, spend time with YOURSELF, and take permission to just daydream. What does your ideal morning look like? Your ideal day? Your dream life? Have you even thought about this lately? I hope you will!

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