#ThanktoThrive Challenge 2018

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Hi my beautiful friends! Now that we are well into the fall season I have been reflecting a lot on 2018 and this cozy time of year. I think in November once Thanksgiving is really near, we all start to look up and count our blessings.

We all have so much to be grateful for, not just one 1 day a year on Thanksgiving, but all the time. Something I’d like to work on is being more present in the moment and mindful of daily blessings and small joys in my life. Join me for 3 weeks where we focus on GRATITUDE for 21 days, counting down to Thanksgiving! This is a time of fall harvest, it’s time to enjoy your family and friends and reap the fruits of your hard work all year. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate this season and enjoy November! You can sign up right here:

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What you can expect in your inbox is a weekly email that guides you through the week with self-care rituals, meditations, and a mantra to ground us. I’ll also be sharing my own personal recipes for the first time on my blog! I have started a NEW Instagram account dedicated to my recipes, over at @NehaNourished!

There will be beauty and fall style tips, plus a good emphasis on self-care and small ways that you can slow down this season to become still, and appreciate all the blessings in your life! I’ll also put together a fun template for Instagram stories that you can use as an easy daily gratitude journal.

You can also customize this challenge to suit your specific needs and incorporate your own goals! For example, add in some yoga or walking to incorporate your exercise goals, or your favorite smoothies if you are focused on cleaner eating, or 5 minutes of morning reading if you’ve been trying to focus on devotional books and quiet time. Whatever your personal goals are feel free to make this challenge your own. By doing so you are creating space to truly CELEBRATE this season of harvest–it’s your time to reap the benefits of your efforts and take what this beautiful season is offering you.

We will be using the hashtag #ThanktoThrive all month long. I personally believe that the more gratitude we show and feel in our lives, the more life gives back to us and creates an opening for more love, luck and prosperity. I believe we can literally THANK our way into THRIVING! I can’t wait to see what we create just through this simple shift in our mindsets. Are you ready?!

I hope you will join me and sign up, it all kicks off November 1st, so be sure to sign up so you get all the details once we begin!

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