#ThanktoThrive – Week 1

#ThanktoThrive – Week 1

Hi my beautiful friends! We are at the start of an amazing new month and the final 2 months of the year! I am excited for fall, upcoming holidays and also the start of my #ThanktoThrive challenge! If you are subscribed to my newsletter list then you got first access to all the details for week 1 yesterday! If you’d like to still join, you absolutely can, and it’s free! Just sign up here:

This is week one of #ThanktoThrive ! I know this month is going to be one of transformation for us. Today I’m sharing all the details for week 1. Be sure to use our challenge use the hashtag #ThanktoThrive all month long so I can support you! You can also tag me in your posts or Instagram stories so I don’t miss them.

During this cozy season of Autumn we will be slowing down together as a community and putting our focus on gratitude and being thankful. They are three weeks between now and Thanksgiving and I would love us to start incorporating more gratitude into our daily lives and not just being thankful on Thanksgiving day.

I believe that gratitude is the path to bring more into your life. More prosperity more joy more blessings. By taking a moment to be glad for all the things that we have we are signaling out to the universe that we are grateful and appreciative of everything we’ve been given and this invites the universe to go ahead and give us even more in life to be thankful for. Let’s jump into your week 1 theme!

Week 1 theme: inner strength and possibilities

Theme: In week 1 we will retreat inward and notice the power we have to create possibilities through gratitude. Here’s everything you need!

Mantra: I am open to change and transformation

Self-care Practice: Before you get up out of bed take a deep breath hold for a second and then release very slowly. Repeat this five times to clear your mind.

Then think of three things that you really appreciate about yourself. It can be something very simple or something really meaningful, there are no wrong answers. For example I appreciate the shape of my eyes I like my eyes. Or I am so proud of how far I have come and my education. Or I’m so proud that I am a really great friend. But starting your day with a few things you’re grateful for, in yourself and in your life, can have a lasting impact on your whole day.

Try this during week 1 and let me know if changes your energy! You can tag me on Instagram @NehaBeauty and we can support each other!

Beauty: Stay tuned for some fall makeup and skincare videos coming up in week 1!

Recipe: These delicious and filling oat muffins are a must-try! See the full recipe here!


Guided Meditation: I love this @ToneItUp guided meditation because it really guides you through a full body scam to completely relax, and clear space to draw inward. It centers on being open to change and possibility. I return to this a lot, I hope you love it! Try it this week and tag me on Instagram if you enjoy it!


Instagram Stories Gratitude Journal: I find gratitude journals SO powerful in my life. I created this fun fall-themed daily log for you! Just save it to your phone, and share your Instagram Stories and share 5 things you are thankful for each day. Be sure to tag me and use the hashtag #ThanktoThrive so we can support you!

From your computer just right click the below image and select “Save image as…”. If you are on your phone, press and hold on the image and select “Save image”. I can’t wait to see your posts!

Thank to Thrive Challenge Template

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