#ThanktoThrive – Week 2

#ThanktoThrive – Week 2

Hi gorgeous! I hope you’re doing well and loving November!

The holiday season kicked off in full swing where I work (Starbucks!) so I’ve been feeling all the fun vibes lately! On top of that this past Wednesday was Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights that celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Thanksgiving is coming up soon and then Christmas is ever-approaching! Can you tell that I just love this time of year? Cozy vibes!

We are starting week 2 of my #ThanktoThrive challenge and if you are subscribed to my newsletter list then you got first access to all the details for it yesterday! If you’d like to still join this free challenge you absolutely can, just sign up here:

Continue to use the hashtag #ThanktoThrive all month long so I can support you! You can also tag me in your posts or Instagram stories so I don’t miss them. The goal this month is to slow down together as a community and putting our focus on gratitude and being thankful for all that we already have in our lives, and this will invite more joy into your world!

Week 2 theme: Love and gratitude

Theme: In week 1 we focused on being open to change and possibilities. In week 2 we are going to focus on the most powerful force in the universe, LOVE!

Mantra: I send love and gratitude to every friend, peer and ancestor who supports me on my journey

Self-care Practice: Each day this week, take 5 minutes to mentally focus on 1 special person who has made an impact in your life. Close your eyes for a few minutes and send them love and gratitude. You can visualize bright light that you are sending from your mind or heart.

Beauty: Pick out your favorite face mask and treat yourself! If you’re short on time, just swipe it on quickly before your shower, let it dry for just 5 minutes and you can rinse off and enjoy some steam.

Recipe: Something I find quick yet comforting are these yummy whole grain waffles! You can get the recipe here!


Guided Meditation: Here is a beautiful @ToneItUp guided meditation focused on our theme of love and kindness! I hope you’ll give it a try, it’s one of my favorites. Try it this week and tag me on Instagram if you enjoy it!

Instagram Stories Gratitude Journal: And here is our daily gratitude journal for Instagram Stories! Tag me and use the hashtag #ThanktoThrive so we can support you!

From your computer just right click the below image and select “Save image as…”. If you are on your phone, press and hold on the image and select “Save image”. I can’t wait to see your posts!

Thank to Thrive Challenge Template

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