IG Template for Love Your Body Series

IG Template for Love Your Body Series

Hi friends, and happy 2019! This year I am diving back into my health journey and starting off with ToneItUp’s Love Your Body series starting on the 14th!

To stay accountable I wanted to create a cute template for Instagram stories, where I could check in with meals, workouts and thoughts each day. I was inspired by the the layout of the TIU journals that come out for Bikini Series each year (well since 2015!) I love how they had a space for workouts, meals, a little journaling, water and sleep!

So, incorporating the lovely purple-pink color from this year’s LYB plan, I created the below graphic! You can right click to save it to your phone or computer. It’s also saved to my story highlights on my Instagram page. If you’re curious, I created this using Canva.com.

Feel free to tag me in your posts in IG and I’d love to cheer you on as you rock this awesome fitness challenge, enjoy!

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