Welcome Spring

Welcome Spring

Maybe it’s just me, but now that the sun has come out (hopefully to stay!) in Seattle and it’s getting warmer I am feeling the amazing momentum of a whole new season. This feels more like the start of a new year than, well, New Year’s, right?

I just got back from visiting the Big Island in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago and wow, that dose of vitamin D really changed my mood! I was able to slow down, quiet the ongoing noise in my mind, and finally be still. I had not taken a big vacation like that in a really long time, probably over a year. It was much needed and I always find the beach so centering.

Now that I’m back, I have been focused on trying to keep that feeling of “aloha” with me still! I have restarted my old habit of meditation in the morning for just a few minutes while still in bed, and also added in listening to relaxing guided meditations at bedtime. Both these habits are such a game changer!

I’m spending less time on social media, and more time seeking out books, videos, and content that helps me learn something, or reflect inward. Right now I’m staring out the window and I can see a few flowers already starting to bloom! It’s such a beautiful sight to see life popping up and emerging from a phase of hibernation.

From this place of vibrancy and renewal, now I feel ready to reset my routines and think about my bigger vision for 2019. Our surroundings are so full of life in spring, it makes me want to wake up and shine too. I am one of those people who always wants to change or improve everything in my life and I’m not good at just being still. So right now my biggest goal is to be more present, and more appreciative of the life I already have.

Let’s see what this new season brings!


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