2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale + Sneak Peeks


Hi guys! I wasn’t going to write this post about the Nordstrom anniversary sale this year but since so many if you requested it on my Instagram poll, I’m going for it! It’s become a bit of a tradition for me I think. And although I’m focusing in my niche on self-development, goal setting and planners, I think that planning out an edited wardrobe fits in line with curating a chic life for yourself. So!

Going down memory lane: I first shared my beauty finds from this sale back in 2015! Wow! And starting in 2016 I started sharing tips and evolved into “covering” the sale for you guys, wow!

I’ve learned a lot of tips along the way but also have some new ones for you this year. Personally, I was a little disappointed last year with the sale and felt like the quality on some items didn’t match up to the price (just my opinion). I would up returning a lot of things so I vowed to take a more edited approach this time. And of course, I want to still wear the pieces I invested in over the last couple of years! Let’s get into the details.


What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

The Nordstrom anniversary sale, or #NSale on social media, is Nordstrom’s biggest sale of the year. Rather than marking down last season’s items, they release NEW fall merchandise at discounted prices. Many great designer brands are included like: Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Rebecca Minkoff.

When can I shop?

NEW: Icon and Ambassador status folks shop July 9-10 in-store

NEW: Icon and Ambassador status folks shop online July 11

Early access begins on July 12 for cardholders

The public sale begins online July 19 at 12:30 p.m. ET

The sale lasts through August 4

What determines membership level?

The membership levels are based on annual spending, and follow these annual spend thresholds:

Member ($0-$500)

Insider ($500+)

Influencer ($2,000+)

Ambassador ($5,000+)


Your Sale Strategy

Here are my 2019 top tips! These are different from what I’ve written about in years past. I hope you can see, I’m trying to shop with a more edited, reasonable process this year.

  1. If you are already a card holder then be sure to use your Personal Double Points Day(s) when you shop the sale to earn points twice as fast.
  2. Be mindful of marketing hype and look for quality and value. Read the fabric labels, the percentage discount and value for money.
  3. Go through your closet ahead of time and really assess what you need. What are you willing to REPLACE and get rid of? Maybe your 3 pairs of jeans are tired and worn out, or you got a new job and don’t have a single blazer for presentations… whatever it is, have a good think about your current lifestyle and what is missing in your wardrobe that is truly needed. This will help you stay focused on a real list and not overdo it.
  4. When in doubt get 2 sizes. Returns are super easy!
  5. Don’t cut the tags for 2 weeks, yes! After the hype dies down and you see that too in broad daylight, does it still look as awesome as it did under the optimized store lighting, lounge music, and with your giant barrel curls the glam team did for you? (Because my curls never come out THAT good! Lol) many times I realize after a couple of weeks that an item isn’t truly MY style, I just happened to love how another blogger wore it! It’s totally ok to admire others style and then assess for yourself.
  6. Building on the last point, make sure you love it. That simple, yes.
  7. Keep an eye on Nordstrom Rack a few months after the sale, some of items might show up there! I’ve never tried this but this was a new tip I had to pass along!
  8. Good things to look for: a good leather jacket, deals on jeans, and I always check out the boots. There’s always a few awesome quality sweaters and a staple camisole tank. Cashmere is often a good deal as well and it’s a good time to check out winter coats. The beauty discounts are usually awesome!! I tend to stock up on expensive skincare (rather than makeup)


I didn’t shop the sale on the 9th (like most of the big time bloggers!) but I checked out their sneak peeks and here are items I am interested in! All of these are linked but not buyable yet. Tomorrow once I have viewed the sale online I will be sure to bring you another post sharing what I loved and recommend! Enjoy!


Ryder Stripe Cardigan Sweater


Long Leopard Jacquard Cardigan


Lip Balm Duo, Main, color, NO COLOR
Afterglow Mini Lip Balm Duo


Swift Run Sneaker

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