Welcome Autumn 2019

Welcome Autumn 2019

Autumn is in full swing here in Seattle and I am loving it. It’s always been my favorite season for so many reasons. The crisp cooler air is so refreshing after lazy days of summer. The leaves turning colors is so warm and inviting, and let’s not forget that wonderful fresh start of the school season, fall fashion and in time, the holiday season.

A dear friend recently gave me a copy of Magnolia Journal’s fall edition and WOW! I truly love their theme of wholeness. In the editor’s letter by Joanna Gaines, she describes how the fall season “has a way of prompting us to take stock of our lives before the year is over” and I agree! It’s a wonderful urgency of autumn that adds some pep in our step and compels us to think about what we want this season of life to be all about. I think because there’s only so much you can achieve in 3-4 months it forces us to be more intentional with our time and energy.

I also love the theme of harvest during this season. All the hopes and hard work and events from the start of the year are all starting to culminate into a rich bounty of lessons, reflections, successes and opportunities for change. I love this practice of reflecting and journaling to see how I’m feeling! The start of the year begins with great expectations, which I often find creates too much pressure! And then spring and summer also tend to be fast-paced, trying to soak up the fleeting season. But unlike the rest, the autumn season invites us to slow down, savor the season, be with loved ones and return to core values like gratitude, giving, family, kindness, the bounty and cycles of nature. How inspiring!

Let’s come back to the theme of wholeness. Rather than chasing perfection and operating from a perspective of lack or competition, let’s chose to take wholeness to mean acceptance and welcoming every part of our identity. Everyone’s life is full of ups and downs, there are joyful moments and painful moments. All of these varied experiences weave together to create an incredible story, YOUR story.

So no matter what season of life you are in right now, wether you’re celebrating abundance or feel tattered and worn, I want to echo Joanna’s sentiment that embracing the good times, the bad times, the boring times, embracing all of them is what it means to be whole, to be accepting of yourself, your circumstances, and being present in your life this Autumn.

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