NehaBeauty is a community that inspires modern women to transform, see their true beauty, and create their best life from the inside out.

Here you will find tips on wholesome beauty products, foods and practices that restore inner health, nourish your skin, and inspire your spirit. It’s all about high vibration living for the mind, body and heart, with yoga-inspired wisdom from Indian and an inclusive take on beauty.

I have so many passions that are inspired by key influences in my life; my Indian heritage gave me a love of yoga, meditation and natural beauty practices, my time in France studying luxury goods and beauty gave me a taste for glamour and elevated experiences.

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Hi! My name is Neha and I’m an Indian-American beauty and lifestyle blogger living in Seattle, Washington with my wonderful husband!

I’m an e-commerce and marketing professional, and have been fascinated with makeup and fashion and ever since I was little. I’ve always been inspired by smart, glamorous, free-spirited women, who create their destinies and enjoy the journey. I am proud to share and celebrate that spirit here!

My Indian background has given me a love of yoga, natural homemade beauty tricks, and mindfulness. Studying luxury goods in Paris for business school was my foundation for style inspiration. And working in marketing now keeps me creative and curious. I love inspiring and encouraging others. You can have, be, or do anything your heart desires.

Makeup can both enhance your natural beauty, and transform your entire look. Your personal style is a great way to express yourself and try new things, and above all, feel good about yourself. You can enhance your natural beauty, or complete transform your look, using makeup and fashion, but also a happy attitude and self-care.

I love writing and blogging first started as a creative outlet for me in 2009. Then in 2012 I explored creating videos on YouTube. I am excited to continue this creative journey and share about my love for beauty, fashion and creating a positive, healthy life. When I’m not working at my job or here, I love to cook, travel, organize, spend time with my loved ones, and stay healthy.

Thank you! ~Neha.

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