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My Birthday Tradition

I’m here at the very start of my birthday and I have a personal ritual that I perform each year. It just occurred to me though, that is my own small luxury because time and awareness are things we never seem to have enough of. Time to pause, inhale, exhale and take a look around humbly. Here is the ritual:…
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Blushing Metal: Rose Gold

I’ve noticed a sudden flash of rose gold used in jewelry and accessories lately, and all I can say is, finally! While platinum and white gold have had their heyday for some time, and the last few years shone more favorably on copper and bronze-toned accessories, I truly hope that rose gold gets to enjoy center stage for a while.…
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Ignite and Inspire

My mission here is to convey my definition of luxury. Luxury is individual to each of us, it’s not a product but rather a feeling. I’ll explore what comprises this feeling and what creates it in me. Pockets lined with fine silk, a hand-made umbrella, a gentleman who insists I exit the elevator before him. Small details that often go…
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